Wednesday, 28 December 2011

What I got for Christmas...

Well it's over. The festivities that is. Stress central. I am so glad it's all over yet I still have a mountain of boys toys to sort and clear from the lounge.
The day itself was exhausting. Moors-daddy left for work at half six. Beanie was up about a minute later. The other two woke at just after seven, by which time I had showered and dressed.
The oldest two knew they wouldn't be opening their presents straight away. We would try and wait until daddy popped home!
They were fab. They were allowed to open their stockings and then their sacks from Santa. They took their time, unwrapping and examining everything carefully. Beanie took his up to his room after opening so that "Worm wouldn't wreck it!".
Nanna and Grandad came out with more presents, and then daddy came home. He managed to stay for about an hour. In this time Granny and Grandad also arrived and Nanna and Grandad left. It was chaos of coming and going. Daddy's day at work was the busiest he had had in a long time and we didn't see him again. He was late home, but the boys still had presents to open when he arrived so they had done well. Granny and Grandad and moors-daddy's brother all stayed for Christmas dinner and into the evening. Moors-daddy and I opened most of our presnts in the evening. I knew what I was getting from most people. Moors-daddy got me a BlackBerry playbook, not the Kindle I wanted but so much better. His reasoning, "you can only read on a Kindle, you can blog on a playbook!" I love it. And its mine. No boys asking to play angry birds!! My parents bought me a digital camera, again something I needed. I have relied on my phone but needed something a bit better. Its not the DSLR I dream of but a handy compact that I can take everywhere. Other than that it was clothes, perfume, the normal stuff. So hopefully I will now have the ability to blog more and to photograph more, well that's the intention!

Friday, 23 December 2011

When do they stop believing?

I have always assumed that Beanie will believe in Father Christmas for a couple more years, and for the first time this year I saw a tiny bit of doubt in his eyes.

This year we sent both Beanie and Monkey video messages from Father Christmas from the Portable North Pole (well worth it and fantastic video messages!) And it was during their watching of this that I saw that first bit of doubt. Nothing was said or mentioned but I knew it was there.

Beanie spent Tuesday and Wednesday night at my parents, and my mother called this morning to tell us that Beanie had apparently asked grandad whether Father Christmas was real as a boy in his class had told him that he wasn't and that he wouldn't get any presents from Father Christmas! We haven't mentioned anything and I don't want to bring it up because at home now as the day gets closer the excitement is showing. This child is 8 like Beanie and has a younger sister and it amazes me that they don't believe and that their parents tell them the truth and take all the magic away! I know I wrote yesterday saying I would like him to believe for a little longer, as when they don't believe it will be so different and we need him to play along for the sake of the other two!

The boy who told Beanie this is the naughtiest boy in the class and if Beanie does question it I will tell him that maybe his parents told him that as they knew he would be on the naughty list and it was easier to say he wasn't real than to explain why he wouldn't be getting any presents!! It is such a difficult dilemma to address and I know deep down Beanie does still believe and that he won't even question it.

I just hope we get our visit from Father Christmas after all!

Thursday, 22 December 2011


December is the one month I struggle with.

I both love December and despise it!

I love Christmas, the preparation. Putting the decorations up with the boys and this year Monkey has really got into it. The decorations have been rearranged after the boys have gone to bed, as it would now seem happens in many households. The tree looks fab, though I am beginning to doubt whether there will be any needles on it on Sunday! I love Christmas time, the songs, being with my family and the time off work but.....

I also hate this month. It is by far the most stressful month of the year. Nine days before Christmas is Beanie's birthday. This year he was 8! Where did those eight years go? We held his party at home. 15 seven and eight year olds in my house! They were good but the whole process just gets to me. There I am being my organised self with christmas presents bought and then he gets given it for his birthday. I hate the fact that he was born just before Christmas when he should have arrived in the February. Yesterday I returned £35 worth of duplicate presents!

I also hate the fact that yet again I will be alone on Christmas morning with the boys. Moors-daddy is scheduled to work again this Christmas. He is on early turn weekend, 7-5 Saturday through till Tuesday! Though on the bank holidays his shift is reduced by two hours so he will finish at 3pm. But he still misses the important bit and I am left to take 3 boys for a dog walk when they want to open and play with presents! I hope that moors-daddy will get one Christmas off before Beanie stops believing and I think we may only have another couple of years!

I knew I wouldn't blog much this month, I just haven't had the time. I still have so much left to do. People will be popping in on Christmas day and the in laws will be here for a very late christmas dinner, but part of me just wishes it was over already. I wanted to post a Christmas linky but I am struggling to find the time to sit down and work out how to. I know I have to blog more in the new year and I want to set myself a challenge but at the moment I am not quite sure what! Though I have a few ideas!

There are also a few changes a foot, but I will blog about them nearer the time. So if I don't get on here again before Sunday. To all my followers and readers have a lovely christmas and I hope Santa brings you everything you and your children wish for! Merry Christmas xx

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Saturday is Caption Day!

Okay, so I've been away from #satcap for a while but here's another from Monkey's first nativity. As you can see not overly impressed by it all, so just add your caption.....

And then when you are done pop on over to Mammasaurus!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Our Dog Walking Adventure!

So you know where I live.... I mean on the moors, but every now and again, I get the privilege (if you can call it that!) of being home alone with the boys. On these days when moors-daddy is at work we have no other choice than to walk the dog, come rain or shine.

Okay so where we live is lovely but the logistics of getting three boys up on the moors takes it time.

Beanie is fine and has never been a problem. Since the age of 18 months he has freely walked the mile long loop that we go on. Monkey has never been a walker and so last weekend, I made my decision that he should now be walking the whole way. So I ditched the double buggy and got out my trusty Jane Powertrack. Monkey's first thoughts when he saw it were "me go in there", to which my response was "no, your are a big boy and you're going to walk and Worm is going in there". Expecting tears I carried on dressing them for winter.

We set off. Beanie and I always used to have adventures when he was little so we played along for Monkeys sake.

So where do we go?

We start by walking along the track that follows the wall of the bottom end of the moors. In the corner where two walls meet, there is a huge pile of leaves that Beanie used to jump in when he was little. We walked over there but the pile had yet to materialise, so the boys just threw what they could at each other!

They posed for a picture, Beanie with a couple of leaves stuck to his hat!

and Worm oblivious to it all!

From the 'leaf pile' we walk up through 'the trees', a small area with about a dozen or so trees in it, which the boys like to play hide and seek amongst ...

Monkey as you can see is not very good at hide and seek, but does like to shout "Boo" when you find him.

At the top of 'the trees' is a big oak, perfect for walking around.

Amongst the trees we inevitably find sticks to pick up that become, walking sticks, light sabers or guns!

From here we continue to follow the wall up to 'the slopes', this is perfect for running up and down. The slopes are quite steep and can be tricky if too wet, and after a really heavy rainfall, wellies are essential. We can spend 5-10 minutes here, running around.

And then, from 'the slopes' we go over the top and start our decent. They boys like to go through the tracks that lead through the gorse. There are loads of pony and sheep tracks that they can follow and they love a bit of independence.

Then it's down hill. The boys and dog run on ahead and we meet up at our stones.

Originally the base of a bench, there are now just three granite stones. When Beanie was little it was one for him, one for me and one for moors-daddy. As you can see now, moors-daddy and I have been relegated to standing!

From here, we continue back around through the very muddy bit back to our gate. It took us about 40 minutes to walk, but Monkey walked the whole way and on Saturday only asked once if he could go in the pram. On Sunday we repeated it and he didn't bother asking. If he can do that, there's no excuse. We just need to make every walk an adventure!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Saturday is Caption Day!

Last weekend the boys got Baptised and this is a picture I took of Monkey!

All you have to do is add a caption for the picture!

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Friday, 25 November 2011

Christmas is Coming.....

Today in our town was the start of Christmas.

I am getting there slowly with the shopping and am no where near as organised this year as I normally am. I haven't even bought cards yet, but there are some things that mean Christmas is nearly here.

At work I have been teaching the year sevens how to make an advent calendar in ICT. That in itself leaves me feeling a little christmasy on a Monday.

Today, here, was our Dickensian evening. Our local shops are all open late. The Christmas lights get turned on, Father Christmas is in town, all the shop workers get dressed up in Victorian dress and give away mulled wine. Chestnuts are roasted.

It is a lovely evening, though a little crowded with prams, but the boys enjoyed seeing the lights and Monkey glimpsed at Father Christmas. All have gone to bed and have gone straight to sleep knowing that FC will now be watching and keeping an eye on their behaviour.

It's only a month to go..... and there is still so much to do but those feelings are just beginning and the excitement is beginning to show in some of us!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Not a silent Sunday!

So the Sunday just gone was a real family and friend affair.

A day that I had been thinking about for the last 8 years.

I knew that one day I would have three children, and from even before we got married and got pregnant, I always knew in my heart that my three children would get Baptised together. I don't know why I felt like this but part of me wanted them to remember it, and if the little one couldn't then at least the eldest one should.

I knew that it is a special day in any true believers life, a welcoming to the church family. And even though we are not regular church goers, in fact in the eight years we have lived here we haven't been, but it was something I wanted to do, and I just needed to kick myself up the bum in order to get me there.

Their Baptism was that kick.

I had always been a church goer until I met my husband. I have a faith, whether it is entirely Christian I am not sure, but my beliefs are strong enough to know that teachings like the ten commandments can't be that bad! If my children grow up knowing right from wrong and what is acceptable behaviour and can show compassion and empathy for others then I think I and they are doing a good job.

So on Sunday the boys got Baptised.

It really was a lovely experience. Three boys smartly dressed, both Beanie and Monkey wanting to wear shirts and ties!

The vicar was lovely, he had visited us at home three times before, so the boys knew him, and his wife admitted to me on my way into church that he had become quite smitten with them!

We sang hymns, and some songs (that I didn't know) but the boys enjoyed it!

Monkey had the hiccups at the font, but they soon vanished when he had a handful of water chucked over his head!

Worm not so impressed as you can see in the pictures! He did sleep through part of it, but got woken by the singing! (not mine !!)

Beanie took it all in his stride!

Today Monkey has been to nursery and has told all his little friends that the water was cold and that everyone came back to our house for chocolate cake and sponge!

We celebrated by having tea and cake, nothing too grand.

We also had an insight to what Christmas will be like. Monkey was desperate to find out what was in the presents. Last year at Christmas he showed little interest!

It really was a lovely day and I am really really glad that I waited and had all three 'done' together.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Where do I do it?

I was tagged by love_from_mummy at Dear Beautiful Boy to answer the above question. A bit personal I thought at first, but then I read her blog and realised it wasn't what I had first thought!

So where do I do it?

I actually have a choice about where I do it? (Aren't I the lucky one!)

Every one has there advantages and disadvantages.....

The main computer is in the dining room, it is on a small desk and it is very cluttered with moors-daddy website work. Lots of pieces of paper and pens, wires for this and that. I like working in there but clutter annoys me. I love the fact that this desk can be folded away so you can't see anything but more often than not it is open, showing the mess to the world (or our visitors at least!). It is nice to be sat properly at a desk but this room is also cold in the winter unless the woodburner is lit.

The second place I do it, is in the lounge, sat on the sofa, a cat or two (or three) sat next to me, laptop on my lap. This is the preferred place, warm and cosy and I can keep an eye on the boys if they are up and playing. If they are around then Worm frequently arrives to see if he can close the laptop or to see how many buttons he can push before mummy gives up!

We also have a tablet, (not of the fruity variety) and when I started blogging I did everything on it. I soon realised that it wouldn't suffice and I needed more than what a tablet has to offer. It s great and I do still use it but mainly to view blogs and read other people's thoughts and opinions and to look at the beautiful pictures that people post!

I would like my own little work station. I have a small bureau in our bedroom that belonged to moors-daddy's gran. I would like to have a laptop up there but that would require a lot of sorting out of all the junk that is in it. One day......!

So who's next... I am tagging
Tattie Weasle and
Confessions of a SAHM

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Dreaming of Summer.........

during the winter.

Its got really cold down here today.

Sat in the park this afternoon watching Beanie's weekly preparation for Wimbledon, I had to keep moving, it was noticeably cold. Worm and I ended up in the clubhouse in an attempt to warm up.

Winter is here....

So that got me thinking about what to do next summer. We didn't go on holiday last year, and the two previous years have gone 'camping' in France. Okay so we stayed in a caravan (and we wouldn't have it any other way - well moors-daddy wouldn't) so it wasn't really camping. But where do we go next year. We need to go somewhere (I need to go somewhere!)

I have thought about France again, and then I remembered the last time. Ten days in France, eight days of rain. Maybe we need to go further south. I came home and started searching, and found GoCampSpain. A website that shows all the major campsites in Spain and which of the main providers you can book through. It also has loads of information about travelling to Spain and other useful tips, including holidaying with children. It is obviously run by a family who have experienced holidaying abroad with their kids, and has got me thinking. Could Spain be our next trip?

I need to get on with it, and if we are going to go abroad next year we should really think about booking it soon.

A thought of summer.....
In winter.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sevi - Now at John Crane Ltd!

The lovely people at Blog Match have asked me to tell you about Sevi wooden toys.

A company set up in the 1920's they excited the market with their hand made wooden toys.
In the following decades Sevi, continued to master toys and unique gifts for children.

In 1998 Sevi was acquired by The Trudi Company and now more recently Sevi has chosen John Crane Ltd to distribute its products here in the UK.

Any fan of John Crane Ltd and the wonderful wooden toys that they provide will understand why Sevi have chosen them.

Sevi too, produce toys that are amazingly beautiful, and any lover of traditional wooden toys would be pleased to receive one of these under the Christmas tree this year. The detailing and the paint work is exquisite. The variety of toys that they produce caters for all children and are so thought endearing that children's imaginations will run wild.

They really do have some beautiful toys, whether you want the traditional imaginatve play toys, like the kitchen and the work bench or whether you are looking for something a little bit special for your Christmas decorations or for that lovely present for a special someone. What ever you want it is well worth looking at to have a look at the new Sevi toys that they have to offer.

Sevi sent me a keyring free in return for this review of their products. The opinions expressed are my own. For the full range of toys by Sevi, check out the John Crane website, or have a look at their Twitter and Facebook pages. #sevi-by-johncrane

Saturday, 12 November 2011

10 questions

So today I was tagged by More than a Mum, to complete a meme started by @AlliMarshall of Super Amazing Mum

The idea is to answer 10 simple questions and then tag someone else to do the same.

So here goes,

1) Describe yourself in 7 words?

A slightly insane, insomniac, whisky drinking mummy!

(That doesn't sound good does it?!)

2) What keeps you awake at night?

Everything. I am beginning to think I am an insomniac. I don't go to bed until 11pm at the earliest and then I am up anything bewteen once and five times a night with the little two. I am sure they wake each other up but never when I am in the room. I get back into bed and then five minutes later the other starts. After about 4am I don't go back to sleep. I really should start doing something productive with my awake time!

3) If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and why?

I am struggling with this one, I really do not aspire to be anyone. I would not wish for fame and fortune, I actually like being me. I don't know maybe Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, or maybe even more simply the boys teachers so I can see what they are like in school!

4) What are you wearing right now!!

Jeans and a white Fat Face top, with 3/4 sleeves which is showing the goosebumps on my arms!My Fat Face boots and M+S underwear!

5) What scares you?

Anything that flies! Birds, moths, butterflies, planes etc etc. I am rigid on a flight, I literally don't move and I run a mile if a moth comes near me!

6) What is the best and worst about blogging?

The best - Meeting loads of new people, I still can't really believe how many people blog. The way you can chat to people that you have no idea who they really are.
The worst - lack of confidence in my writing and not knowing what to write!

7) What was the last website you looked at?

Super Amazing Mum blog to get the 10 questions! Before that Twitter - it has taken over my life!

8) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would loose the stone and a half of baby weight that I just can't shift! I need to exercise but can't due to hubby's shifts and me constantly looking after the boys if I am not at work.

9) Slankets - Yes or No (this divides the blogging world ;-)

Why have a Slanket when you can just have a blanket!?

10) Tell us something about the person who tagged you?

More than a Mum is actually two people - this confused me a bit at first but to be fair it doesn't take much! Ruth actually responded to the meme, and they (Ruth and Loretta) set out their blog to help all of us other mummies with our motherly duties and rediscovering our true identities! (She also wees when she laughs!)

So there are my answers now to tag some others:

I tag
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and Jess - Splashes and Dashes of Yellow

Saturday is Caption Day!

It's Saturday again already and so that means only one thing - Saturday is Caption Day!

Leave me a comment stating what you think the caption should be for this picture.

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Saturday, 5 November 2011

I HATE fireworks!

However lovely the pictures look and however many of you will stand there tonight oohing and aahing at them, it makes no difference. I hate fireworks.

I don't really know why either, I went as a child to organised displays and was never really a fan of the noise but now as an adult I cannot stand them.

Yes they look pretty and there are some fantastic photographs of them out there but this year again, it will not be me taking them!

I think they are so dangerous and wonder why as a country we still sell them over the counter. I know most people are responsible but it takes just one person to have a silly five minutes before they are scared for life, and most people just don't think about what they really are.

As a teenager I went to a display in my then boyfriends friends garden. It was great, until one went astray, and flew towards the crowd. Two people were taken to hospital with their faces burnt. Amongst it all my boyfriend had turned and run, pushing me towards the fireworks as he went. Little to say I left him soon after!

That night remains with me, and I know how quickly things can go wrong.

No doubt as the boys get older they will insist on us going to see some fireworks but we will never have them at home in the garden!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Christmas shopping!

Today I have finally started the Christmas shopping.

If I am honest I have started to panic a bit about it. I am usually a very organised person. I plan everything. But as of late I feel that things have got on top of me a bit and I haven't quite got my head around it all.

Tonight the boys have gone to Grandparents for the night. Moors-daddy and I will both be out of the house by 7:15am tomorrow, to go to work. So having dropped the boys off, I went to Tesco on my own. Something that rarely happens.

I wandered around in my own time, no screaming children , no hubby on a mission to vacate asap!

I managed to buy little things for stockings, a lovely The Hungry Caterpillar colouring book for Monkey, a couple of Car 2 cars for him too. For Beanie some Star Wars bits and some Lego mini figures. A bit of chocolate too.

I know it isn't much, but at least now I have started, and I feel just a little bit happier and not quite so much of a stress head now!!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Friday, 28 October 2011

A Sick Monkey! Part 3.

So Monkey has been poorly. His asthma has taken over our summer, but the other issue is his back.

When visiting the doctor about his asthma we mentioned his back and the doctor referred us to the hospital in Plymouth.

As it happens after our trip there last Sunday night/Monday morning, his consultant appointment was on Tuesday. Derriford Hospital twice in two days!

We arrived to what seemed like chaos. Children running everywhere. Monkey sat close to me, and watched the other children.

We were eventually called to the consultants room. He asked me for the low down on what had been going on.

If I am honest, I really don't know where to start with this. I know it is strange for a then 2 year old to complain of back pain, it is usually tummy ache, and part of me thinks its for attention. Worm gets carried because he can't walk and a lot of me thinks it is jealousy and wanting to still be the baby. BUT there have also been times when I think that actually there is something really wrong. Like the time he was jumping down some steps holding my hand and as he landed he winced and shouted "Ouch me back hurt" and then asked to be carried.

Part of me thinks that there is now the beginnings of a pattern of his back hurting just before he has an asthma attack, so could it be that he just cannot tell me where the pain is and actually it's in his chest.

I really don't know, it could be anything.

The consultant stripped him to his nappy and poked and prodded his back, he checked his legs and his reflexes. he explained that it could be a number of things, to diagnose some they would need to MRI him and that would involve a general anaesthetic, and they would only go down that route if they thought it was there only option. (Thank Goodness!) In the meantime they would do blood tests and get a wee sample from him(good luck!) and test for the normal things.

Taking blood from a 3 year old is an achievement. he was fine until the needle went in, then he screamed. The plaster and the bag of Haribo quickly stopped it!!

As for the wee sample. He is still in nappies, we have tried pants but he is not interested/can't be bothered/ couldn't care less! They sent us home with a sterile pack. He sat on the potty for mummy and did the smallest (but hugely congratulated) wee. Not enough for the sample pot. So I had to do the pad in nappy and wring it out! Lovely!

Now just to wait and see. If the results are negative then we have to think again and we need to go back in three months to see if there is any difference/improvement.

I hope it is nothing, or at the most related to his asthma, I think this Monkey has been through enough.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Half Term Treats.

I worry that as a parent I don't do enough for my children.

I worry that because there is such a difference in their ages, I don't provide for all of them.

I worry that because I am on my own with them a lot, they miss out.

Today was a bit different. Today I did something that I have wanted to do for a long time but have never been able to.

Today, the boys and I went swimming.

Okay, so I had a bit of help!

So there were eight of us, four adults, four children.

Beanie and his cousin I, were off and gone, both confident swimmers.

Monkey stayed with Nanna, he loves swimming and is growing more confident. He wears his Roll Up arm bands, and his googles around his neck! He kicks his legs and moves his arms, and Nanna even let go of him for a split second and he remained above water!

Worm, is very different. Worm hates the Bath, so I was concerned about how he would react to the pool.

I was right to be concerned. Worm in is swim nappy, and arm bands, held onto me for dear life.

To the extent I thought I was going to reveal more than I would have liked. The grasp so strong and pulling at my costume.

The scream so high pitched it could be heard above the water fountain, sprays and a full swimming pool.

I was determined not to give in.

The scream continued, the grasp tighter. Tears rolling down his face. Ten minutes of tantrum. He has definitely reached the terribe twos early.

And then just like that it stopped.

He laughed.

He giggled.

He smiled.

He splashed.

That was it. The legs kicked, the arms moved, he went under the fountain, chuckled and went back and forth. He loved it.

It as a fantastic swim. Part of me wished I had done it sooner but I know that I cannot do it alone with all three.

The only negative - I haven't seen myself in a swimming costume for sometime and that needs addressing!!!

When we got home, bath time. Worm had his normal 2 second bath, screaming and crying. Back to normal. Maybe I should get in with him and stay for at least ten minutes!

Monday, 24 October 2011

A Sick Monkey! Part 2.

After the terrifying first asthma attack at the end of June, Monkey had his second one at the beginning of August. He had gone to the Beach House with my parents for some grandparent and Monkey time, and on the Wednesday I got a phone call from my mum, saying that he wasn't right.

Monkey is very hyperactive, always on the go and is so comical. He is not a cuddly boy in comparison to Beanie but when he wants a cuddle you know. Mum told me he had spent the whole morning on the settee with her, complaining that his back hurt. They had taken him down on the beach, in an attempt to take his mind of it but within ten minutes he was begging to go back up.

I tried to get a doctors appointment the following day but they had none.

2 hours later my mum phoned again, saying that my dad was bringing him home, and that he really wasn't himself. Even though he was not yet at home I phoned the surgery again and asked for the doctor on call to ring me. He returned home, and seemed quiet but not too bad. By 5pm the doctor had not called. Then the wheezing started. The doctor eventually called me back at 6:30pm and said they would see him first thing in the morning. I was told if he deteriorated, call 999.
I didn't sleep that night but kept him near me, making sure he was breathing. Somehow we got through the night. The doctor called at 9am and we went straight down. He was put on steroids for three days. Something I am not overly happy about but needs must...

His next episode was the middle of September, mild by all accounts, and we managed him at home. He was really good this time and took his inhaler. We got through without any other medication.

A month later, last Sunday, he had another great day out in the garden playing with Beanie. By teatime he was flagging, by bed time he was wheezing. Moors-daddy and I went to bed at 11pm. Monkey was restless, moaning and whimpering. He woke up every half an hour. By midnight we were sat listening to him wheezing over the baby monitor. At what point does a wheeze become an emergency?

We sat there looking at each other, wanting the other to say, yes do it, phone the ambulance, but each knew it wasn't that bad. So I phoned out of hours. They responded quickly, returning our call within ten minutes, their words, "Would you like an ambulance?". I declined, it is probably just as quick to drive him into Plymouth. So bags packed, we were off to Derriford again. Out of hours was quiet, they were waiting for us, and bless Monkey he lay on the bed and took the nebuliser, it was like he had finally accepted it and knew it would make him better.

Half an hour later we were given a bottle of banana medicine (amoxycillin) and more steroids and were on our way home. Our journey home was lovely across the moor. We saw three foxes, a tawny owl, and countless rabbits and he talked all the way home, constantly telling me that Mr Moon was following us! It took me over an hour to get him to sleep, and since last Sunday we have had a couple of days that have been worse than others, but in general he is much better.

Tomorrow we have an appointment with the nurse to discuss his medication. He quite clearly needs to be on more than a blue inhaler. 4 attacks in 4 months is more than enough for a 3 year old to contend with.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Sick Monkey! Part 1.

Any normal parent values their children more than anything else in the world.

Having had a premature baby, I understand how fragile and special life can be.

I have always had in the back of my head that there would be something wrong with Beanie because of his early start to life. He has surpassed everything, he is a healthy, happy, 7 year old, who is funny and intelligent (sometimes too intelligent for his own good) but other than a touch of asthma, he is perfectly healthy.

Monkey was 11 days early, but perfectly healthy and home within 36 hours.

I never expected him to be ill, or have any problems. The first two years of his life we had no problems other than the normal, teething and general baby issues.
Every time his teeth came through, when I look back now, I realise he did get very chesty, but I just assumed it was because of his teeth, and that was that.

Just after his second birthday, he started complaining that his back hurt. At first it was when we put him in his car seat, then when he got up in the morning. We bought a new car seat, and eventually a new bed, but still he complained. This summer his complaints were every day, more than once a day, and for a two year old to complain of back pain, we decided this was not an attention seeking ploy,enough was enough.

But that wasn't all this summer.

At the end of June we had, had a lovely Saturday at home in the garden. Monkey and Beanie were playing and running around like the lunatics that they are. Late afternoon Monkey started to flag, by tea time he was flaked out on the sofa. He wouldn't come into the dining room for Dinner, by the time we had finished our meal and returned to the lounge, you could hear the wheeze.

By 7pm I had phoned the local hospital to see if we could take him straight up, but no, we had to go through out of hours. We waited for them to return the call, to then be told to take him to the local hospital. (Fuming!) Moors-daddy took him straight up whilst I stayed with the other two. They left the house at 8pm. By 9:15pm I had heard nothing and was beginning to worry. Five minutes later the phone rang, it was moors-daddy saying that we had to take Monkey to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. I packed the other two up for an impromptu stay at Grannies and we were off.
Our local hospital had tried to nebulise Monkey, but being the stubborn two year old that he was he would not take it. We got to Derriford hospital, having dropped the other two off, and he was admitted. I, at the time had a chest infection and so could not stay with him, but during the remainder of the night he had another five nebulisers, to try and stabilise his breathing.
I returned the next morning, he was still wheezing slightly but was up and about and had found the playroom! He was there all day. We left late afternoon, with an inhaler and spacer and were told to administer 10 puffs every four hours. In the hospital it had taken moors-daddy and myself to pin him down whilst the nurse gave him the inhaler - it wasn't going to be easy, but we knew it had to be done.
We returned home and over the next few days gave him as much inhaler as he would take, to the cries of "no push button", but eventually he improved.

I honestly thought that Monkey would get away without having asthma but it would seem that mummy was far from right.

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Friday, 21 October 2011

Pintoy City Fire Engine - Review

This beautiful little fire engine was sent to me from the guys at They are a local company, as I found out after contacting them in reply to a tweet for a toy tester.

We had a choice of what to get, within a set limit and having already reviewed some games for Beanie I decided it would be time to give Monkey a treat.

Monkey is fire engine obsessed. Everything he does is "an emergency". He has dress up, he has fire engines and other accessories from a certain Fireman, but this I thought would be a bit different.

It is lovely.

I love traditional toys. I love wooden toys. When I looked through the website I was in heaven. I adore the fact that this toy will be played with, and the quality of it is so good that I can see that this toy will be kept and passed down to the next generation.

It arrived when I was at work, I saw it on my return but didn't open it immediately. When I did open it, I was spied by a little Monkey who asked me "What's that?"
"What do you think it is?"
"A car."
"Not a car."
"A fire engine." - at this point jumping up and down in pure delight, the biggest grin on his face!

We opened it and it comes completely set up and ready to go, no ties in sight, a god send when you have a very excited 3 year old desperate to play!

It was immediately taken to the lounge, to join the other engines.

The Fire engine also comes with a little wooden man. He is very sweet and has flexible arms and legs. He sits perfectly in the front of the engine and has two holes in his hands, so that he can hold the hose.

He is a lovely addition to the fire engine as when I read the description on the website I wasn't entirely sure that we would receive a figure, but was thrilled when we did. (Other accessories are also available on the website).

The fire engine is very well made, there are rounded edges and the paint detailing is fantastic. the Lid lifts off, so the hose (and an abundance of other treasures) can be stored inside. The hose is in two sections that clip together so there is no choking hazard and it can be placed on either side of the engine. On top of the lid is the ladder which can be moved up and down. The man can stand on the ladder but both his feet do not fit on one rung.

This really is a lovely toy, and one that I know I will not part with. There are other fire engines in the Pintoy range and an accessories set and fireman set, all of which will be on Monkey Christmas List!

It is so solid and child friendly that even Worm has had a sneeky play with it when Monkey has not been looking!

The Pintoy City Fire Engine is available from for £24.49 and was sent to us free to review.