Friday, 29 July 2011

First born.

I have had a glass if wine so this may be a bit muddled!!! Note - one glass is all it takes these days!
There are some things I need to write about, I think just to get them off my chest. Things I have been holding close to me for some time. I am not one to put my worries on anyone, not even my hubby. At times I think he won't understand. Do men ever understand? I am a wife and mother and they all come before me and my feelings. Or at least that is how it seems to me.

I will start with my first born. A son. Hubby and I married in the April. By the end of May I was pregnant. Baby was due in February. We move house in the October half term week. A stressful time. I had been threatened by a nutter of a neighbour and the police response was move! We had our house on the market the next week and had sold it within a fortnight. That was our first home and I loved it so much. It was perfect. I still miss it., as I know my hubby does too.

Five weeks after we moved, hubby had gone out on the beer and was staying at his parents when at 4:30am my waters broke. I was 32 weeks. I didn't know what was happening. I had dreamt I had wet myself. I ended up phoning the emergency number who told me to get in. Problem, hubby was pissed 15 miles away and I knew no one in the street. I called my mother. I was so calm. I fed the animals, let my rabbits out and packed an overnight bag (optimistic). My mum took me to hospital where my hubby appeared with two cans of coke, swaying! I was admitted. That was the Saturday morning. I really didn't know what was happening. You dont expect to be hospital at 32 weeks with your first. ("First ones are always late") . On the Tuesday, I woke early with back pain, I was monitored and told I was in labour. They phoned hubby who came in. I spent the day in the delievery suite, waiting..... I had an epidural, diamorphine - God i love that stuff and my hubby was sober! Yeah! We had a laugh. It was such fun. He makes me laugh so much. He cheered every time a contraction got over 150 on the monitor. He prepared to catch the baby like Jonny Wilkinson. It was a good labour, until my temperature rocketed, I was pumped with antibiotics. When I delivered there were 12 people in the room including me and hubby. When he arrived I remember seeing him on the bed for a second before he was on the resus table. They wrapped him, I gave him one kiss and he was gone. I know my hubby went to see him once I had moved to the ward, they gave me a card to access NICU, but I didn't know what to expect. I didn't want to see him, I didn't know what he would be like. I waited until hubby came back and that was 13 hours after the birth. He was wired up, beeps were going off constantly, and I couldn't hold him. I was gutted. At 3 days old he had a lumbar punture, to check for infection, we all know which one. Thankfully there was no meningitus He was born nine days before Christmas. Our special baby. Christmas day was so special. Every incubator had a stocking. Every child had a card for their parent. The thoughts of these still make me cry. It was the first day he wore clothes and the first day we held him! He was in hospital for a month. 4 lb 5 oz born, left hospital at 5lb 5oz. Now 7 and a half and a happy healthy boy with no real medical issues. I love him so much. He is so bright, clever and funny and a little obsessed about Star Wars!

Monday, 25 July 2011

life is fab - for once.

Where do I start.

I have had a fab few days. Firstly i finished work on Friday. Yes the end of the school year. I know us teachers get too long off. But God I need the break. Exhausted isn't the word. I have written my lists of things to do. One for home and one for work. They are both a side of a4. The next six weeks will fly by and my lists ......will remain the same length!

Saturday was amazing. The weather was so nice, beautiful sunshine all day. We had arranged to go out for lunch with friends. Friends that I feel are very unique. These friend's are not married, but are together and don't have kids, but seem to appreciate ours. In fact it would seem that they are quite taken by them. I don't think it will be long before they start thinking about having their own, but it is nice to know that they like ours. Friends like these are rare. Many of my old friends have become more distant since we have had children. Friends that were close are no longer. True friends are hard to find, and even harder if you have children! Most people I am acquainted with are not true friends. They are more in the desperate yummy mummy wannabee club. Women i talk to briefly in the playground, but i am not in the same league. I don't change my clothes to pick up my kids. I don't parade around with my Cath Kidston handbag, that has the same shit in it that i have in my pockets, back of pram etc! So the company was fab on Saturday. It took us a while to decide on a family friendly pub on Dartmoor, that has run around space, but it was great as was the food.

Sunday was a bit different. Grey clouds and colder, so much colder. We had arranged to see my parents at thier beach house. We were undecided as to whether to go, but went. The weather didn't stop son no 1 from swimming but not the little too, they go blue too quickly! We bbqed in the evening all huddled around. I do love it really. Its how i spent my childhood, cold, wrapped in layers, on a beach.

Today has been great too. Number one doesn't finish school until tomorrow. Tonight, they had their annual summer concert. Parents, family and friends take a picnic and sit on the field and the school band, choir and musicians show off their talents. It was amazing to watch these children and to see how talented they are. I think this is a greaat achievement for the school and the pupils and their talents should be celebrated. Music is something that in many schools is very much behind the scenes and it was lovely to see the children, staff and parents etc enjoying the evening. The weather helped! Lets hope it continues for the next six weeks, I doubt we will be so lucky!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

First buggy board adventure!

Omg! I bought a second hand buggy board the other day in an attempt to get rid of the double buggy. Today we attempted the school run with the thing. He was not impressed. He walked some of the way down but then started, and continue to scream for the rest of the journey. He did get back on it, after i had lowered the hood so he could see over but still insisted that it " is no fun". I carried him most of the way. I thought these things were meant to make things easier, but it seems not!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Why does it seem every one has a more interesting life than me.

I have just had a browse through some other people's blogs and i have decided that everyones lives seem far more exciting than mine. Blogs are new to me, but i feel they give me a bit of a break from 'normal' every day life.

I am 34, just, married with three boys, 7,2 and 1. I teach in a secondary school part time (three days) and my husband works as a police officer. I never seem to stop. I live in a beautiful part of England on the edge of Dartmoor, and strangely enough, I do love my life!

Reading and looking at other blogs, I am amazed at what some people seem to accomplish in their lives. I read them and think of all the things I want to do, but just don't have time too.

I could review books, but I think I have read one in the last twelve months!
I could cook, but i don't enjoy it, as its something that has to be done.
So I will write about us, our lives, things we get up to, how i think and feel about certain things.

My eldest asked to finish his story tonight. To be honest i had no idea what he was talking about but then he showed me.
The shark spits out the bate, the rod, the fishaman, the ors and the boat and 100 fish. So the fishaman was ok!

Sunday, 17 July 2011


I thought I would start with a bit about myself. But it is Sunday evening and i just dont have much time. I still have housework to do and lunches to make. I have just got my little two to bed. They are being buggers at the moment, no 2 has just decided to start coming out of his bed and down the stairs. He thinks I don't hear the bump bump bump! There is no noise now, so i assume all three are fast asleep.
So I thought I'd share this. Written by my seven year old. He is not a writer, so nanny encouraged him to write her a short story. I will write it as he wrote it with a few hints in brackets!!

Once there was a fishaman in his boat and he saw a creacher (creature). So he picked up his fishing rod and castid it to the strang creacher and the creacher which was achly (actually) a shark took the bate and the rod and the fishaman and the ors and the boat.

Don't you love them. xx

Me- a computer whizz after all!

Tada! Some how i have managed to change my settings and it is allowing me to write. I must admit i dont really know what i've done but i guess it doesn't matter. So I can start. Now to think what to write............