Sunday, 17 July 2011


I thought I would start with a bit about myself. But it is Sunday evening and i just dont have much time. I still have housework to do and lunches to make. I have just got my little two to bed. They are being buggers at the moment, no 2 has just decided to start coming out of his bed and down the stairs. He thinks I don't hear the bump bump bump! There is no noise now, so i assume all three are fast asleep.
So I thought I'd share this. Written by my seven year old. He is not a writer, so nanny encouraged him to write her a short story. I will write it as he wrote it with a few hints in brackets!!

Once there was a fishaman in his boat and he saw a creacher (creature). So he picked up his fishing rod and castid it to the strang creacher and the creacher which was achly (actually) a shark took the bate and the rod and the fishaman and the ors and the boat.

Don't you love them. xx

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