Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Momentous Day!

Today has been one of those days. One full of memories and moments that I won't forget but that show that my babies are growing up. And yes it does leave a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye!

Today, Monkey attended his taster session at 'Butterfly'. The unit at nursery for the 3-5 year olds. He has been very happy in 'Caterpillar' and loves going for his one morning a week, but next week he will be three and it will be time to move up. He was a little apprehensive, having not been throughout the summer, but was good once there (or so I am told)

"What did you do at nursery?"


I guess he enjoyed it.

The next step after 'Butterfly' is big school and that does scare me. Monkey is still so little and I know he has a full two years at Butterfly, but there he is, nearly three but still in 12-18 month trousers, that to his mum, still means he is teeny.

The other moment to treasure, is that the cot has gone. We had promised it to friends who were due in September, but who's daughter decided she would like to arrive a little earlier! It was collected today. Worm no longer has a cot. He is at Granny's for the next two nights and when he returns, his and Monkey's room will be finished and the big boy beds will be up. It is a moment that makes me realise that; that is it, there will be no more, and that my baby is no longer. Yes he is little for a big boy bed but for now we must move forward,(and if necessary we move him back to a cot - the one from my mums house!!).

Do we remember these moments, as they grow and treasure them or are they forgotten in the distant past, as our babies become boys and men?

Will they always remain my babies?

Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank Holiday Weekend.

Yet again, the boys and I have been to the Beach House for the weekend. Beanie went over on Wednesday and had a great time playing with his cousins, on the beach, in the field and on his cousin's iPad (he's 9 and I don't agree) but what can I do.... a Wii and DS as long as they are limited, yes- they are made for children, anything else I struggle with.

Anyway, Monkey, Worm and I joined Beanie and my parents on Saturday. The weather wasn't great, so we didn't venture down to the beach, too cold for the little ones. Instead we went to the field to try out the new climbing frame. A hit with all, it has to be said.

On Sunday, it was the annual sports day. We have missed it for the last two years (in France) and Beanie was quite enthused about the event. It's a fun afternoon, with lots of traditional races, and it has been going on every year since my mum was a little girl, and probably before that. Well Beanie isn't the most naturally sportiest child, but he had a go at pretty much everything, and didn't win a thing!

Highlights were the three legged race with his cousin. Beanie tried to hop, he couldn't understand how it was three legs, when clearly he and his cousin had four, just two tied together, so he decided hopping was the answer. Needless to say, his cousin pretty much dragged him down the field!

The Sack race, another cousin (a girl) won, by the time she crossed the line Beanie still only had one leg in the sack!

Throwing the welly, I will admit I was never very good at this one, his attempt was just as bad.

At the end they do a cross country race, with the first girl and boy resident, under 16 years winning the shield. Pressure was on him, (I won it about 20 years ago), he completed it, and ran most of the way, the course is no where near as long as it was 'back in my day', but again he was a long way off winning. Could he care that he hadn't won, not at all! You've got to love that lack of competitiveness; he doesn't get that from me.

Monkey ran in the under fives race, bless him, one of the smallest but he ran, and loved it, his starting pose a picture, but one that I didn't get!

Afterwards, Worm was shattered from all the watching and clapping...

and the older two decided they would be soldiers!

Friday, 26 August 2011

The Countdown begins..........

In just over a week, I return to work, Beanie returns to school. Have we really had six weeks off......it really doesn't feel like it.

My list of things to do remains the same length as it was back in July.

Have I just been lazy and haven't been bothered to do anything, or have we just not had the time or the weather?

This holiday has flown...as I think the summer holidays always do. The boys have spent a lot of time at the Beach House with both me and my parents. Hubby has worked on the little boys room and I ..... what have I actually done?

Other than the normal mummy stuff, not a lot I guess. Part of me feels guilty. Should I have done more....?

But... the one big thing I have done is this...
I have started blogging, I've put ideas into my hubby's head and we have started a journey in the world of technology. One I don't still fully understand but I am learning all the time.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Nits, shopping and mice!

It could only happen to me!

I started the day by NittyGrittying myself. A job I now know to be almost impossible. I have shoulder length hair which is very thick. My hairdresser hates it as it takes forever to cut, but needs must and after a night of convincing myself that I too have the critters I decided I must comb it through. Paranoia at it's greatest. I did it whilst in the shower but probably only have half my hair left!

Beanie and I then went to Plymouth. It's about a 30-40 minute drive. I hate shopping at the best of times. I think I have been into Plymouth once since Christmas. But we succeeded to complete our mission quite quickly. The cupcakes ( yes that's plural!) helped a lot! We have new tennis kit (Beanie) new underwear and pj's (me) Monkey's birthday presents, nit treatment, bonjela (Worm) and a few bits and bobs!

I have left Beanie at Nanna and Bubby's (that's the name Beanie gave my dad and it's stuck) to go to the beach house and picked the other two up from granny and grandad and returned home.

Tea time: I go to get Worm a breadstick, put my hand it the pack and feel something furry. I take the packet out of the box to see a mouse. At first I thought it was dead. But no, it is sat at the bottom of the packet eating the breadsticks. Cue the Scream. I throw the packet across the table, at which point the mouse jumps and heads towards the boxes in the corner of the room. I stand there in disbelief.

Max our eldest cat comes in, finds the mouse and catches it. Yeah! He takes it out in the garden to play with it. He brings it back in, we return it outside. He brings it back in and lets it go, lays on the floor as if to say "I can't be bothered!" We release it out in the front garden and off he scurries.

A day in the life of me!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Unwelcome Visitors (3)

Argh! We have shampooed, conditioned and NittyGritty combed again.

No signs of any eggs but one big crawler.

Tomorrow we are going to Plymouth. Something we don't do every often but we need to get school supplies and some nit treatment!

I will not be defeated by the critters!

Monday, 22 August 2011

DIY (sos)

As I have told you before we are currently decorating the little boys bedroom. I use the 'royal we' here of course, and when I say decorating, that is actually an understatement.

The boys have moved out of their room. Worm's cot has moved into Beanie's room and Monkey is on a ready bed in our room. Their furniture, toys and the box of Worm's clothes are in the spare room, which is full to bursting. See what i mean.....

The room has been emptied, stripped and last week was replastered. Today hubby started painting.

Hubby is a handy type of guy. He does the decorating, the painting and wall-papering, but he has been known to reinstate fireplaces, fit windows, fit floors, landscape our garden, he will have a go at anything. There is just one little problem.

No matter what he seems to do, whether it be changing a plug, fitting a shelf, etc, he always seems to injure himself. Usually just one injury, whether it be a cut finger, a grazed hand, a bump to the head. (He nearly took a finger off moving a friends fridge once!), he always seems to do something. Once the injury has happened he can get on with the job knowing that there will be no more.

So what can he do whilst painting the ceiling of the boys room.......

There I was downstairs with the boys (Monkey has returned from Nanna's exhausted, fell asleep at the dinner table and was in bed at 6pm- he can go again!) Happily looking at blogs, when I hear, "paint in eye, hun" shouted from upstairs. I run up to find him over the bathroom sink, washing it out, he looks at me and there is some 'brilliant white' at the bottom of his eye. "Do we have an eye bath?" Thinking yes but i have no idea where, I go for the first aid kit. I knew one had sodium chloride solution in it. I find it in his car. I go back in and find its only five years out of date!!

Best go to minor injuries then!

A litre and a half of saline solution later, he returns (with some magic cream), and a very red eye....... and goes and finishes painting the ceiling. Now there's commitment for you.

Love you hun!! xxx (and the ceiling looks fab!)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Thank you!

As many of you know, I am relatively new to this. I have been blogging for five weeks now, and thoroughly enjoying it. I would just like to say to all of you that are taking the time to read it and appreciate it and even comment on it, I am extremely grateful. I know you shouldn't look at your stats but the last two days have been fab and I am learning what works and what doesn't and the number of views has increased a lot, so I feel my work is worth while.


Unwelcome visitors. (2)

Well day two of nit treatment.

I have done the shampoo, conditioner and NittyGritty comb again tonight.
After last nights treatment I could only see a few, maybe half a dozen eggs this morning, so we have repeated again this evening. When combing tonight there were some brown specks (which I am assuming are the lice). But it appears to be working. He hasn't really scratched today.
We will keep repeating until the critters have gone.....

Friday, 19 August 2011

Unwelcome Visitors


Tonight I have discovered some visitors in my house. Visitors that are not welcome. They have never visited before and I don't really want them back.

Beanie has been scratching his head for a few days. Tonight I took a look and discovered some tiny white specs. I tried to remove them but they wouldn't budge. I couldn't see anything wriggling.

Thank god for google. I had a look and my fears were confirmed, we have nits in the house!

Thankfully we have a new pharamacy in town that is open 365 days a year and until 10:30pm weekdays, so I bundled the boys in the car and got us a NittyGritty nit comb. Beanie has been showered, shampooed, conditioned and combed. Fingers cross we get rid of them soon.

P.S. I can't seem to stop scratching my head.....please no!

Will keep you updated....

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Every Street has One!

I am sorry but this is going to be a rant.

We live in a lovely street of approximately 30 houses. Everyone knows everyone else. We all talk to each other, our children all play together and for the last three years we have taken part in The Eden Project's Big Lunch, a street party where all the neighbours share their lunch. It is a fab place to live and everyone is very friendly. Well that is all for except one household.

We were on holiday from the 4th to the 14th August, as I told you in a previous blog. The dog came with us on the 4th and my husband joined us on the 8th. We had a great time in Cornwall. My husband and the dog returned home on the 12th, as hubby had to work nights, and it is easier for me not to have the dog as well as the three boys!

He returned home to find a note had been put through our front door stating that all the residents in the street had had enough of our dogs continuous barking, and that it was driving them all crazy and they asked if our cats could stop fouling in their gardens!It was signed 'a neighbour'! My husband phoned me to tell me and I was fuming.

Primarily because the dog had been in Cornwall for the previous eight days, and so unless this persons hearing was that good and they could hear our dog from the next county, I strongly believe that whoever's dog had been barking had not been ours!

The second thing that really hacked me off was that it implied the whole street thought this. We knew this couldn't be the case, and my hubby set out to find out who had written it, he spoke to a couple of neighbours who said they had seen nothing, no one had been seen to put in through our door. It's strange but you have a gut instinct for who it is, but without proof.......

He then wrote a letter to all the residents of the street.

I returned home on Sunday with the boys to be told by my husband that most of the street had come forward and spoken to him, to say they weren't guilty but also to express their annoyance with being brought into this matter and that they rarely ever hear our dog!

The neighbour attached to our house said she hadn't even realised we had gone away. Now what does that tell you. She obviously isn't aware of our dog barking, because if she was then, she would have noticed how quiet it had been.

Now considering in our street of 30 houses there are 16 dogs and at least 17 cats, (we live 30 seconds from the edge of the moor, you would expect a lot of dogs!), I would suggest that the people who wrote this to us, hear most of these dogs barking but have no idea, which one it is and where it is and so just pointed the finger at ours. They picked the wrong ones to pick on.

I don't think they thought we would look into it....what do you expect if you do that to a copper!

It is nice to know that all the residents of our street, fully support us and love our cats, our dog and our kids!

There are 16 kids in our street all under the age of 13, will they moan about them too when they are all teenagers....... I expect so!

The funniest thing, we all know who did it. The majority of neighbours have said " I bet it's so and so!" When I returned home on Sunday one neighbour came down to speak to us and whilst talking to them on the street we noticed two things, the suspect was stood staring at us from her bedroom window for most of the conversation and all her house windows had been opened. Now there's a guilty conscience!!!!!!

BritMums - What's in your Handbag?

Clockwise from top,
Vaseline Rosy Lips, Beaver from a Kinder Egg,iPhone, Cath Kidston Purse,Half a packet of Halls (ice cool flavour), Clinique Facial Sun Cream SPF30, Mirror, L'Oreal Concealer, House Keys.

Third Born

In comparison to the other two, number three was a doddle!

I had experienced false labour, eight days before due date, was fed up but also quite pleased that for the first time ever due date had passed with no sign of little one's appearance.

A new mile stone - over due!!

Three days later, i had my first contraction at about 2pm. Hubby picked up number one from school and returned home to find me having lots of contractions but with no regularity.

At 4pm I phoned the midwife, who told me to get in to hospital. My contractions were not 5 minutes apart so we took it slowly. We packed the kids bags and arranged for granny and grandad to meet us in the hospital car park. We handed them over at 5:30pm. I was in delivery suite by 5:40, but it was busy and they had no beds. I was shown to a waiting room and then the triage room. I was examined and was six centimetres. They found me a room quickly and i was on the delivery bed by 6pm. I was offered gas and air, told them it made me sick, had two puffs and asked for the sick bowl! By 7:15pm he was out. We were quite shocked at how quick he came. It was a lovely experience, just me hubby and a midwife in the room, a total contrast to the other two! Worm weighed 6lb 4oz.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tea with the Vicar!

This morning our local vicar has been around to meet us. Why?

We have decided the boys need baptising, something we had always planned but never got around too.

I knew I wouldn't have it done until all were here, I feel it is such an important day that they need to celebrate it together. Number three will be too young to remember, but his big brothers will be able to tell him all about it.

I am thinking of having cream teas after the service for all our friends and family. We are in Devon after all.

Are we religious? Not overly, we don't go to Church, but just strongly feel that the moral teachings and beliefs of the church are still important in this day and age in which we live.

Roll on November 20th, when our three boys get dunked!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Beach Bum Mum!

The school holidays means one thing, a holiday with the family.

For the last two summers we have packed the kids up and gone to France,with Canvas Holidays, camping in luxury (aka a static caravan), on a camp site in Carantec, just 15 minutes drive from Roscoff. For us this has been fantastic, as we are only half an hour from Plymouth, so our travel time is limited, other than the crossing, and with two very young children last year it was perfect. However, last year the rain beat us and on our ten day holiday, we only had two dry days. It of course didn't stop our eldest and his cousins insisting that they went in the pool everyday. (This camp site has the best water park ever!) but with a 23 month old and an 11 week old in tow, sat in the rain was no fun. The holiday stressed me out, all the stuff we had to take with us, with two babies, it got too much....and the rain. So this year we decided we would give France a break and instead head off to ......Cornwall. "That's rubbish," was number 1's response.

We are very lucky that my parents have a 'Beach House' on the south coast. The boys are there a lot in the summer, but 10 days with mummy, and daddy joined us for 4, even the dog came! The weather was mixed, we had two glorious days on the beach, taking our lunch with us, the boys in and out of the water, we built them a boat to sit in as the tide came in. The excitement from number 2 was just immense, for a good hour the two eldest played well together, no fighting, no hitting, no whining. Just pure delight and excitement as the waves broke their boat. Number 1 tried to bail out as number 2 was jumping up and down in the water that is slowly filling it and washing it away. As for number 3, the beach has an amazing effect on him. As soon as we get onto the sand he starts to moan, within half an hour he is asleep, laid out on the towel, another one over him, I have never known him to sleep so much! It was lovely to see hubby playing with the boys, in the water with number 1, watching him body boarding and seeing how much his confidence has grown.

On rainy days they go to the field to play, it has a football goal, a basketball hoop and a pirate ship, that number 2 adores. We had a trip to Looe, for Fish and Chips.

It was a lovely break. I realise how lucky we are to have this. We can go over there whenever we like, I have grown up with this place since the day I was born, my parents met there, honeymooned there. It is where my heart and soul belong. I want my children to have the freedom there, that I had as a child, but I also want them to realise how privileged they are.

Next year, I need to start planning soon, I think we will have the best of both worlds, a week at the 'beach house' at the start of the holiday and a Canvas Holiday to France (somewhere further south, now the little ones will be older - more sun!) nearer to the end!

Stress Free Holidays!

Have just got back from Holiday. Had a great time, but the kids now need to be put to bed, so hopefully will get time later to write and tell you all about it!

The Boys!

This is number 3, 'Worm', so called because at 14 months could still not crawl on his knees but commando crawled at great speed everywhere! A similar personality to number 2, is developing. Life could be very hectic in our house soon! Cheeky and the smiliest child ever!
P.S. Mummy has cut off the mullett since this photo was taken!

The Boys!

This is number 2 'Monkey', named, just because he is. This was taken a while ago but just captures him so well. He is a character to say the least and so different from number 1, the sensible one! A classic picture I think. A pain in the bum at times, he has the naughty streak, but is so comical he frequently has us doubled up!

The Boys!

I thought I would introduce the boys, this is my eldest, seven and a half, sensible, mature, clever, bright amd funny, and as I have said before slightly obsessed with Star Wars. If you need to know anything about it I can guarantee he knows the answer! Junior Mastermind here we come!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Last Saturday was just one of those nights. Hubby had gone out for a few drinks, "I'll be home about 11!" number two is currently on his ready bed in our room, (decorating the little boys room) and the dog also shares our room at night (something I don't like but have little say in!)

Hubby eventually rolled in at about half twelve and fell into bed just before one. It started instantly, that long deep drone, the one that tells me how much he has had to drink without asking! It has to be quiet for me to sleep, so the tossing and turning began ( along with some heavy sighing, which didn't work). So then the physical violence, I kicked him, poked him and pushed him but to no avail. At 3 am I went downstairs to watch telly muttering as I went "God, one day I will suffocate you!) I reached the first floor landing and thought I heard.... Nothing! Had my threat worked?

I watched tv for half an hour then returned to bed, it was peaceful. Mission accomplished!
I get into bed and within minutes, son number two and the dog are both snoring! Typical. Another night to add to the last three years of very little sleep. Oh I love motherhood!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Second Born.

It took me four years to pluck up the courage to have my second. The emotional roller coaster ride of number one had put me off.

My pregnancy with this one was so different. No sickness, nothing. He was due on September 18th. My friend was getting married on the 6th, with number 1 being so early we were afraid we wouldn't make the wedding. We did.......just! It was a wet and wild day, the wedding was lovely, number one was concerned the marquee would blow away, but it was a great wedding. When it came to the meal, i had no appetite. I didn't feel sick, just didn't want to eat. I forced myself to eat the pudding, strawberries, cream and meringue.

By 9:30pm, number one was tired and whinny, we made our excuses and left. As i got in the car i was sick, but felt fine.

We drove home and went to bed. Two hours later i was up and in labour. My in laws had always said when we had seen them to phone if we needed them, my response throughout my pregnancy had been it will be two o'clock, hahaha! Dead on 2am my husband made the call, not on purpose its just how it happened. They were at ours twenty minutes later. (No speeding there then!) I stayed at home until four, then started being sick again, so was told to go in.

I was only 3cm when i got there - gutted. I had diamorphine and slept, then woke and had an epidural. 4cm at 8:30.

The next thing i know is there are loads of people in the room and i am being told i need a c-section as his heart rate has dropped. I am prepped and on the operating table within twenty minutes. They examine me again and i am fully dilated. Change of plan, i can push him out. After half an hour of trying, the forceps (Keillands) are out. I have no stitches, but grazing inside, they stop it with swabs. Baby and mummy are fine, or so we thought.

I stayed in overnight, and came home the next day. The following day i felt awful, my midwife examined me and said everything was fine. The following day i became aware of a very foul smell. My husband eventually described it to me as being like rotting flesh. I am given strong antibiotics, assuming i have an infection. I was ill for five weeks, i felt like i was dying and eventually was sent back to hospital where a large swab was removed from inside me. I felt fab again within 24 hours. Back to my normal self.

I successfully sued the hospital. I knew i wanted a third and wasn't going to wait another four years due to yet another bad experience. Luckily number 3 was very different, but i will tell you about him another day.

Son 2 . 6lb 6oz. "Monkey" because he just is!!!

Monday, 1 August 2011


Omg! I would just like to say thank you to the very kind lady who pointed out to me whilst in superdrug that two out of my top three buttons on my top were undone. For just how long I had been flashing my M&S bra and boobs around I am not sure. But I am extremely grateful!!