Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank Holiday Weekend.

Yet again, the boys and I have been to the Beach House for the weekend. Beanie went over on Wednesday and had a great time playing with his cousins, on the beach, in the field and on his cousin's iPad (he's 9 and I don't agree) but what can I do.... a Wii and DS as long as they are limited, yes- they are made for children, anything else I struggle with.

Anyway, Monkey, Worm and I joined Beanie and my parents on Saturday. The weather wasn't great, so we didn't venture down to the beach, too cold for the little ones. Instead we went to the field to try out the new climbing frame. A hit with all, it has to be said.

On Sunday, it was the annual sports day. We have missed it for the last two years (in France) and Beanie was quite enthused about the event. It's a fun afternoon, with lots of traditional races, and it has been going on every year since my mum was a little girl, and probably before that. Well Beanie isn't the most naturally sportiest child, but he had a go at pretty much everything, and didn't win a thing!

Highlights were the three legged race with his cousin. Beanie tried to hop, he couldn't understand how it was three legs, when clearly he and his cousin had four, just two tied together, so he decided hopping was the answer. Needless to say, his cousin pretty much dragged him down the field!

The Sack race, another cousin (a girl) won, by the time she crossed the line Beanie still only had one leg in the sack!

Throwing the welly, I will admit I was never very good at this one, his attempt was just as bad.

At the end they do a cross country race, with the first girl and boy resident, under 16 years winning the shield. Pressure was on him, (I won it about 20 years ago), he completed it, and ran most of the way, the course is no where near as long as it was 'back in my day', but again he was a long way off winning. Could he care that he hadn't won, not at all! You've got to love that lack of competitiveness; he doesn't get that from me.

Monkey ran in the under fives race, bless him, one of the smallest but he ran, and loved it, his starting pose a picture, but one that I didn't get!

Afterwards, Worm was shattered from all the watching and clapping...

and the older two decided they would be soldiers!

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