Monday, 15 August 2011

Beach Bum Mum!

The school holidays means one thing, a holiday with the family.

For the last two summers we have packed the kids up and gone to France,with Canvas Holidays, camping in luxury (aka a static caravan), on a camp site in Carantec, just 15 minutes drive from Roscoff. For us this has been fantastic, as we are only half an hour from Plymouth, so our travel time is limited, other than the crossing, and with two very young children last year it was perfect. However, last year the rain beat us and on our ten day holiday, we only had two dry days. It of course didn't stop our eldest and his cousins insisting that they went in the pool everyday. (This camp site has the best water park ever!) but with a 23 month old and an 11 week old in tow, sat in the rain was no fun. The holiday stressed me out, all the stuff we had to take with us, with two babies, it got too much....and the rain. So this year we decided we would give France a break and instead head off to ......Cornwall. "That's rubbish," was number 1's response.

We are very lucky that my parents have a 'Beach House' on the south coast. The boys are there a lot in the summer, but 10 days with mummy, and daddy joined us for 4, even the dog came! The weather was mixed, we had two glorious days on the beach, taking our lunch with us, the boys in and out of the water, we built them a boat to sit in as the tide came in. The excitement from number 2 was just immense, for a good hour the two eldest played well together, no fighting, no hitting, no whining. Just pure delight and excitement as the waves broke their boat. Number 1 tried to bail out as number 2 was jumping up and down in the water that is slowly filling it and washing it away. As for number 3, the beach has an amazing effect on him. As soon as we get onto the sand he starts to moan, within half an hour he is asleep, laid out on the towel, another one over him, I have never known him to sleep so much! It was lovely to see hubby playing with the boys, in the water with number 1, watching him body boarding and seeing how much his confidence has grown.

On rainy days they go to the field to play, it has a football goal, a basketball hoop and a pirate ship, that number 2 adores. We had a trip to Looe, for Fish and Chips.

It was a lovely break. I realise how lucky we are to have this. We can go over there whenever we like, I have grown up with this place since the day I was born, my parents met there, honeymooned there. It is where my heart and soul belong. I want my children to have the freedom there, that I had as a child, but I also want them to realise how privileged they are.

Next year, I need to start planning soon, I think we will have the best of both worlds, a week at the 'beach house' at the start of the holiday and a Canvas Holiday to France (somewhere further south, now the little ones will be older - more sun!) nearer to the end!


  1. Hello
    Just to say I'am really enjoying your blog :-)

  2. Thanks Jess,
    it's always nice to get comments.
    I have had a quick look at yours but will revisit later on.

  3. Okey Dokey :-) I haven't been as good a blogger as I wanted at all!I have so many good things to write about but I have been so busy enjoying them I haven't had the energy to write them down!I'm loving the school holidays though ~ absolutely loving them!