Monday, 22 August 2011

DIY (sos)

As I have told you before we are currently decorating the little boys bedroom. I use the 'royal we' here of course, and when I say decorating, that is actually an understatement.

The boys have moved out of their room. Worm's cot has moved into Beanie's room and Monkey is on a ready bed in our room. Their furniture, toys and the box of Worm's clothes are in the spare room, which is full to bursting. See what i mean.....

The room has been emptied, stripped and last week was replastered. Today hubby started painting.

Hubby is a handy type of guy. He does the decorating, the painting and wall-papering, but he has been known to reinstate fireplaces, fit windows, fit floors, landscape our garden, he will have a go at anything. There is just one little problem.

No matter what he seems to do, whether it be changing a plug, fitting a shelf, etc, he always seems to injure himself. Usually just one injury, whether it be a cut finger, a grazed hand, a bump to the head. (He nearly took a finger off moving a friends fridge once!), he always seems to do something. Once the injury has happened he can get on with the job knowing that there will be no more.

So what can he do whilst painting the ceiling of the boys room.......

There I was downstairs with the boys (Monkey has returned from Nanna's exhausted, fell asleep at the dinner table and was in bed at 6pm- he can go again!) Happily looking at blogs, when I hear, "paint in eye, hun" shouted from upstairs. I run up to find him over the bathroom sink, washing it out, he looks at me and there is some 'brilliant white' at the bottom of his eye. "Do we have an eye bath?" Thinking yes but i have no idea where, I go for the first aid kit. I knew one had sodium chloride solution in it. I find it in his car. I go back in and find its only five years out of date!!

Best go to minor injuries then!

A litre and a half of saline solution later, he returns (with some magic cream), and a very red eye....... and goes and finishes painting the ceiling. Now there's commitment for you.

Love you hun!! xxx (and the ceiling looks fab!)

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