Thursday, 18 August 2011

Every Street has One!

I am sorry but this is going to be a rant.

We live in a lovely street of approximately 30 houses. Everyone knows everyone else. We all talk to each other, our children all play together and for the last three years we have taken part in The Eden Project's Big Lunch, a street party where all the neighbours share their lunch. It is a fab place to live and everyone is very friendly. Well that is all for except one household.

We were on holiday from the 4th to the 14th August, as I told you in a previous blog. The dog came with us on the 4th and my husband joined us on the 8th. We had a great time in Cornwall. My husband and the dog returned home on the 12th, as hubby had to work nights, and it is easier for me not to have the dog as well as the three boys!

He returned home to find a note had been put through our front door stating that all the residents in the street had had enough of our dogs continuous barking, and that it was driving them all crazy and they asked if our cats could stop fouling in their gardens!It was signed 'a neighbour'! My husband phoned me to tell me and I was fuming.

Primarily because the dog had been in Cornwall for the previous eight days, and so unless this persons hearing was that good and they could hear our dog from the next county, I strongly believe that whoever's dog had been barking had not been ours!

The second thing that really hacked me off was that it implied the whole street thought this. We knew this couldn't be the case, and my hubby set out to find out who had written it, he spoke to a couple of neighbours who said they had seen nothing, no one had been seen to put in through our door. It's strange but you have a gut instinct for who it is, but without proof.......

He then wrote a letter to all the residents of the street.

I returned home on Sunday with the boys to be told by my husband that most of the street had come forward and spoken to him, to say they weren't guilty but also to express their annoyance with being brought into this matter and that they rarely ever hear our dog!

The neighbour attached to our house said she hadn't even realised we had gone away. Now what does that tell you. She obviously isn't aware of our dog barking, because if she was then, she would have noticed how quiet it had been.

Now considering in our street of 30 houses there are 16 dogs and at least 17 cats, (we live 30 seconds from the edge of the moor, you would expect a lot of dogs!), I would suggest that the people who wrote this to us, hear most of these dogs barking but have no idea, which one it is and where it is and so just pointed the finger at ours. They picked the wrong ones to pick on.

I don't think they thought we would look into it....what do you expect if you do that to a copper!

It is nice to know that all the residents of our street, fully support us and love our cats, our dog and our kids!

There are 16 kids in our street all under the age of 13, will they moan about them too when they are all teenagers....... I expect so!

The funniest thing, we all know who did it. The majority of neighbours have said " I bet it's so and so!" When I returned home on Sunday one neighbour came down to speak to us and whilst talking to them on the street we noticed two things, the suspect was stood staring at us from her bedroom window for most of the conversation and all her house windows had been opened. Now there's a guilty conscience!!!!!!


  1. :-( What a mean and cowardly thing to do,post a note through your door!And what a thing to hear when you were on holiday!Some people eh!!!!!

  2. I know. Its just horrible really. But they will only alienate themselves from within the street even more than they were already. Long may our dog bark and our cats and all the others in the street foul in their garden! Lol!