Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Last Saturday was just one of those nights. Hubby had gone out for a few drinks, "I'll be home about 11!" number two is currently on his ready bed in our room, (decorating the little boys room) and the dog also shares our room at night (something I don't like but have little say in!)

Hubby eventually rolled in at about half twelve and fell into bed just before one. It started instantly, that long deep drone, the one that tells me how much he has had to drink without asking! It has to be quiet for me to sleep, so the tossing and turning began ( along with some heavy sighing, which didn't work). So then the physical violence, I kicked him, poked him and pushed him but to no avail. At 3 am I went downstairs to watch telly muttering as I went "God, one day I will suffocate you!) I reached the first floor landing and thought I heard.... Nothing! Had my threat worked?

I watched tv for half an hour then returned to bed, it was peaceful. Mission accomplished!
I get into bed and within minutes, son number two and the dog are both snoring! Typical. Another night to add to the last three years of very little sleep. Oh I love motherhood!

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