Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Momentous Day!

Today has been one of those days. One full of memories and moments that I won't forget but that show that my babies are growing up. And yes it does leave a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye!

Today, Monkey attended his taster session at 'Butterfly'. The unit at nursery for the 3-5 year olds. He has been very happy in 'Caterpillar' and loves going for his one morning a week, but next week he will be three and it will be time to move up. He was a little apprehensive, having not been throughout the summer, but was good once there (or so I am told)

"What did you do at nursery?"


I guess he enjoyed it.

The next step after 'Butterfly' is big school and that does scare me. Monkey is still so little and I know he has a full two years at Butterfly, but there he is, nearly three but still in 12-18 month trousers, that to his mum, still means he is teeny.

The other moment to treasure, is that the cot has gone. We had promised it to friends who were due in September, but who's daughter decided she would like to arrive a little earlier! It was collected today. Worm no longer has a cot. He is at Granny's for the next two nights and when he returns, his and Monkey's room will be finished and the big boy beds will be up. It is a moment that makes me realise that; that is it, there will be no more, and that my baby is no longer. Yes he is little for a big boy bed but for now we must move forward,(and if necessary we move him back to a cot - the one from my mums house!!).

Do we remember these moments, as they grow and treasure them or are they forgotten in the distant past, as our babies become boys and men?

Will they always remain my babies?


  1. Your post is absolutely lovely and brings back so many happy and sweet memories of cots, beds, and new beginnings! They'll always be your babies and when they say "Don't treat me like a baby" I always say "But you'll always be MY baby". The boys are growing into young men now and I'm growing with them, but I will always remember the time when... they didn't answer back!

  2. Ok, so I have had two glasses of wine and I have no kids at home (a real treat) and hubby is at work, but your comment just brought a tear to my eye. Thank you!

    God I am such a wet blanket!!

  3. Grr!I just posted comment and now it's gone!So I'll just say great post,it made me cry & yes they will always be our babies :-) xxx