Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Nits, shopping and mice!

It could only happen to me!

I started the day by NittyGrittying myself. A job I now know to be almost impossible. I have shoulder length hair which is very thick. My hairdresser hates it as it takes forever to cut, but needs must and after a night of convincing myself that I too have the critters I decided I must comb it through. Paranoia at it's greatest. I did it whilst in the shower but probably only have half my hair left!

Beanie and I then went to Plymouth. It's about a 30-40 minute drive. I hate shopping at the best of times. I think I have been into Plymouth once since Christmas. But we succeeded to complete our mission quite quickly. The cupcakes ( yes that's plural!) helped a lot! We have new tennis kit (Beanie) new underwear and pj's (me) Monkey's birthday presents, nit treatment, bonjela (Worm) and a few bits and bobs!

I have left Beanie at Nanna and Bubby's (that's the name Beanie gave my dad and it's stuck) to go to the beach house and picked the other two up from granny and grandad and returned home.

Tea time: I go to get Worm a breadstick, put my hand it the pack and feel something furry. I take the packet out of the box to see a mouse. At first I thought it was dead. But no, it is sat at the bottom of the packet eating the breadsticks. Cue the Scream. I throw the packet across the table, at which point the mouse jumps and heads towards the boxes in the corner of the room. I stand there in disbelief.

Max our eldest cat comes in, finds the mouse and catches it. Yeah! He takes it out in the garden to play with it. He brings it back in, we return it outside. He brings it back in and lets it go, lays on the floor as if to say "I can't be bothered!" We release it out in the front garden and off he scurries.

A day in the life of me!


  1. I think I would have died on the spot if I had put my hand on a live mouse!

    Lou :-)x

  2. Yep had that happened tome I would have screamed like a girl! (Oh! I am girl!!) Feel for you re the nits hateful little buggers!

  3. Hope the mouse and the nits haven't captured you and are holding you ransom!
    I would *not* have liked a mouse jumping out at me!They ok outside but not when they sneaking in boxes waiting to jump out at ya!

  4. No I am still here. The nits (and Beanie!) are at nannys. Thinking about returning to work and I have an assignment to do for my MEd so not writing. Will try to blog before the weekend! The mouse has gone from my breadsticks but did see one running down the pavement today! So random!

  5. So the nits have been banished to Nannys,lol!Hmm are you looking forward to work?The school holidays are going fast now arent they :-/ Fancy seeing a mouse running down the road!There everywhere aren't they!A cats paradise!Or so you would have thought!

  6. I know weird isn't it. I thought my cats should be in paradise! Oh they are we have had loads of mice this year from them. Work....oh no I am not looking forward to it, though i know it will feel like we haven't been away!!!!! Oh well...the countdown begins! xxx