Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Second Born.

It took me four years to pluck up the courage to have my second. The emotional roller coaster ride of number one had put me off.

My pregnancy with this one was so different. No sickness, nothing. He was due on September 18th. My friend was getting married on the 6th, with number 1 being so early we were afraid we wouldn't make the wedding. We did.......just! It was a wet and wild day, the wedding was lovely, number one was concerned the marquee would blow away, but it was a great wedding. When it came to the meal, i had no appetite. I didn't feel sick, just didn't want to eat. I forced myself to eat the pudding, strawberries, cream and meringue.

By 9:30pm, number one was tired and whinny, we made our excuses and left. As i got in the car i was sick, but felt fine.

We drove home and went to bed. Two hours later i was up and in labour. My in laws had always said when we had seen them to phone if we needed them, my response throughout my pregnancy had been it will be two o'clock, hahaha! Dead on 2am my husband made the call, not on purpose its just how it happened. They were at ours twenty minutes later. (No speeding there then!) I stayed at home until four, then started being sick again, so was told to go in.

I was only 3cm when i got there - gutted. I had diamorphine and slept, then woke and had an epidural. 4cm at 8:30.

The next thing i know is there are loads of people in the room and i am being told i need a c-section as his heart rate has dropped. I am prepped and on the operating table within twenty minutes. They examine me again and i am fully dilated. Change of plan, i can push him out. After half an hour of trying, the forceps (Keillands) are out. I have no stitches, but grazing inside, they stop it with swabs. Baby and mummy are fine, or so we thought.

I stayed in overnight, and came home the next day. The following day i felt awful, my midwife examined me and said everything was fine. The following day i became aware of a very foul smell. My husband eventually described it to me as being like rotting flesh. I am given strong antibiotics, assuming i have an infection. I was ill for five weeks, i felt like i was dying and eventually was sent back to hospital where a large swab was removed from inside me. I felt fab again within 24 hours. Back to my normal self.

I successfully sued the hospital. I knew i wanted a third and wasn't going to wait another four years due to yet another bad experience. Luckily number 3 was very different, but i will tell you about him another day.

Son 2 . 6lb 6oz. "Monkey" because he just is!!!

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