Thursday, 18 August 2011

Third Born

In comparison to the other two, number three was a doddle!

I had experienced false labour, eight days before due date, was fed up but also quite pleased that for the first time ever due date had passed with no sign of little one's appearance.

A new mile stone - over due!!

Three days later, i had my first contraction at about 2pm. Hubby picked up number one from school and returned home to find me having lots of contractions but with no regularity.

At 4pm I phoned the midwife, who told me to get in to hospital. My contractions were not 5 minutes apart so we took it slowly. We packed the kids bags and arranged for granny and grandad to meet us in the hospital car park. We handed them over at 5:30pm. I was in delivery suite by 5:40, but it was busy and they had no beds. I was shown to a waiting room and then the triage room. I was examined and was six centimetres. They found me a room quickly and i was on the delivery bed by 6pm. I was offered gas and air, told them it made me sick, had two puffs and asked for the sick bowl! By 7:15pm he was out. We were quite shocked at how quick he came. It was a lovely experience, just me hubby and a midwife in the room, a total contrast to the other two! Worm weighed 6lb 4oz.

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