Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Unwelcome Visitors (3)

Argh! We have shampooed, conditioned and NittyGritty combed again.

No signs of any eggs but one big crawler.

Tomorrow we are going to Plymouth. Something we don't do every often but we need to get school supplies and some nit treatment!

I will not be defeated by the critters!


  1. To kill the critters:

    20 drops of olive oil
    20 drops of tea tree oil
    20 drops of eucalyptus oil

    Mix it all together - rub it into the hair ,leave it for 20 mins to do its stuff, comb through hair with a nit comb - nits turn into black mush that comes out on the comb.

    Wash hair to get rid of all the oil.
    Use tea tree shampoo to keep them away - nits hate tea tree.

    I was given this remedy by my chemist. I used it on all three of my children at once. Then made sure I used tea tree shampoo all the time - we haven't had nits since...

  2. Someone else has recommended tea tree oil. Will have a look in Plymouth tomorrow to see what I can get.

    Much appreciated - they are beginning to annoy me now. We have never had them before and it's only my eldest.


  3. The only thing that got them to stay away from my girls was tea tree oil. It won't kill them though, only deter them. They literally dive out of the hair to avoid it. So put a few drops of the foul smelling stuff on to the head, then add two tons of conditioner and comb. Repeat for 5 or 6 days. Hopefully end of story...