Friday, 19 August 2011

Unwelcome Visitors


Tonight I have discovered some visitors in my house. Visitors that are not welcome. They have never visited before and I don't really want them back.

Beanie has been scratching his head for a few days. Tonight I took a look and discovered some tiny white specs. I tried to remove them but they wouldn't budge. I couldn't see anything wriggling.

Thank god for google. I had a look and my fears were confirmed, we have nits in the house!

Thankfully we have a new pharamacy in town that is open 365 days a year and until 10:30pm weekdays, so I bundled the boys in the car and got us a NittyGritty nit comb. Beanie has been showered, shampooed, conditioned and combed. Fingers cross we get rid of them soon.

P.S. I can't seem to stop scratching my head.....please no!

Will keep you updated....


  1. Oh no!Sounds like you have sorted it quickly though!When Tiger was in year 2,a long,long time ago,there was a little boy who had nits all the time and therefore Tiger and his classmates caught them again & again.It was a nightmare!After that year it never happened!The boys mum just did not do anything about the situation so it never got better for him.Can you imagine how uncomfortable he must have been,yuk!

  2. They are horrible. I have never seen them before so had to Google it. Think we have got them early I just don't understand where they have come from. He has only really been around his brothers. He goes into year three in a couple of weeks, and last year it was always in the newsletter about nits and year two. I am amazed this is our first time!

  3. For heavens' sake don't put one under a microscope thinking to make an interesting educational moment of the affliction as I did... cue three hysterical children.