Friday, 30 September 2011

Fab day!

I have had a fabulous day today. I know I should get to work writing but I am exhausted, having done a twelve hour day at work (on a Friday!!), and am now at home with only one child who is fast asleep.

I have been tagged in a blog by WeAreWildThings to write about seven things you don't know about me. I have thought long and hard and considering I blog anonymously you would think there would be loads of stuff to write, but can I think of one...... nope!
I will put it down to being tired. Though I really shouldn't be as Worm has slept through every night for the last week, a small miracle in itself, but also it's about time too!

So I cannot think of anything to write about myself... but Dear Beautiful Boy has posted my "Meeting you, Finding Me" story on her guest blog page, and even though that's my story, I blubbed like a baby when I read it. It's a very happy time and memory but also one of heartbreak and as I said in it, and as any mummy of a prem will know, the biggest emotional rollercoaster ride I have ever experienced.

My day today was fantastic, three members of staff took 35 teenagers to a Beach Festival, I am extremely grateful for the Indian Summer and had an amazing time. I umpired the volleyball and cannot quite believe how polite and courteous these children and the others from other schools were. They were cheering on their opposing teams whilst playing, offering support and advice on a game they were not great at playing but helped each other and other teams out too. On days like this I love my job and the kids I teach, (the sun helped obviously) but we had such a laugh, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, even though it was a very long day!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Listography - Five celebs I'd like to go for a Beer with.

Now this one is hard, hard because I don't really 'do' celebrities. I don't read magazines, or watch that much TV, so I have had to really think about this one.

1. Stephen Fry, purely for the appreciation of intellectual adult conversation. I think he is an amazingly gifted intellectual who would be able to talk about absolutely anything. I'd also ask if Alan Davis is as "thick" as he comes across in QI, or if it is just a set up!

2. Ty Pennington, from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Ok so he is a little cute, but my plan would be to get him so drunk that he would agree to come to my house, and not knock it down and rebuild it, but to build me my kitchen extension, that we so desperately need!

That brings me on to 3. These guys could help Ty, the "DIYSOS" team. Hubby and I often say what a laugh it would be to go out with this group of guys (and girl). We have thought of wrecking our house just to get them around to take them to the pub!!

4.Now I am struggling, Ellie Goulding, I love her voice, her music and I could listen to her for a long time, truly inspirational.

5. Seth Lakeman, again a musical genius, Beanie loves his music and frequently dances around the lounge to him, even the babies toe tap in time. A local lad I would love to meet him and take Beanie with me, so maybe we could have an OJ instead!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

"Blogging Blues"

Google Friends Connect - Do I need you? Are you a 'newbies' friend or foe?

As a 'newbie' I find it interesting to read other blogs, as I am sure you all do too. They give me ideas, they direct me and my blog along the right path, they give me inspiration. I have found that every blog is different, personal stories, creativity that I can only dream of, and photography as a new way of thinking and sharing ideas.
I love finding other 'newbie' bloggers, comparing, but I also gain a lot from reading the 'pro's' blogs.

There is one in particular that I have looked out on numerous occasions, that offers advice, tips and support, and that also questions the 'norm'. It was on this blog that I read an article that made me as a 'newbie' think.

The Real Supermum wrote about whether we really need the GFC widget. A widget that allows friends to follow you. Do I really need this taking up space on my blog? (though admittedly it doesn't take up a great deal of space on mine personally!)

As a 'newbie' you write but you have no idea of how well you are doing as a blogger. You think you are doing well, is following you. Or are they?
Yor stats say otherwise, people are obviously visiting and reading what you write, some people even come back again and again, but no-one seems to click the 'follow' on GFC. Your pageviews, day by day, show consistency, people visit, so why don't they click follow?

Maybe my blog is just pants.... and no-one wants to follow it, but people comment, so what is it all about. Is it, as The Real Supermum says, just a popularity contest. So I am a 'newbie' and I am just not up there with them yet. (Will I ever be?)

That's when it starts, what I am calling the "Blogging Blues". Days when I feel what's the point if no-one is following. Days when I fell like I can't be asked, should I continue? But I love writing, I am loving blogging...Dilemma!

And then I think - it's just a widget, does it really mean anything? I look at my twitter followers, so why are they following me, it must mean something. I blog and tweet anonymously, so my tweets are only really blog related or personal thoughts as a blogger, people are not following the real me. Okay so my twitter followers aren't huge, but they are growing daily, my GFC's are pretty much non existent. So what do I do?

I will leave the GFC widget on my blog for another month, that will be three months of blogging, and then if there is no improvement I will remove it for self confidence sake. We will see.

To my three followers on GFC- I thank you, to everyone else, please don't click out of sympathy, but if you do pop by, please leave a comment. Any feedback is always appreciated.

P.S. I have also finally set up a Facebook page, so check it out too- (and like!!!)

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Gallery - Home!

This weeks 'The Gallery' from Sticky Fingers is "Home".

I've had to think quite hard about this one, what makes my house a home. It is, as I have said before a dull brown pebbledashed 1930's semi.

What makes it a home......

the constant mess, the cars, the trains, the toys.

But in a house full of boys, there are some things that make it my home.

The fireplaces that we have had put in, the woodburners, when lit the cosiness of living here next to the moor.

And then there are my girly touches, the picture of the church where we got married with my slate heart (sorry about the flash!)

and my other hearts dotted around the house, tells people that there is a girl here.

Little touches that make it my home!

Saturday is Caption Day!

It's so easy, all you have to do is comment below, saying what you think the caption should be for this picture.
A great idea started by Mammasaurus!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Save the Children - No Child Born to Die

I have been tagged today by Dear Beautiful Boy to join the Save the Children No Child Born To Die Campaign.

Mummy From The Heart and Hello It's Gemma have set the challenge
to get 100 bloggers to write 100 words
in support of the campaign.

Michelle at Mummy From The Heart wrote this:

"I am sure that by now you have seen there is a severe draught in East Africa. I learned today that 750,000 are about to die and that we (yes all of us) are letting them die. Gosh, that does not sit comfortably does it? I hear you now 'Who me, no I don't want anyone to die'. I beg you, don't close the browser, keep reading. None of us want people to die but we have to challenge ourselves as to what we are willing to do about it. Saving our fellow humans is the responsibility of us all and that is not just giving money. Please do not shy away and think 'I'm broke, I can't help'. Yes you can, we all can. That is the truly amazing thing and all it costs is a little time.

These people in the developing world all have names and families and things they love to do but what they do not have is enough presence over here, a big enough voice so they are heard. Lets all help to give these people a voice. Today I listened to Lucy, talking from South Sudan about how a lack of health workers in so many countries means that people die needlessly. Save the Children are campaigning to change this.

...a fellow blogger Chris Mosler (@ChristineMosler) will attend the UN General Assembly in New York. She is going there with Liz Scarff on behalf of Save the Children to pressure David Cameron to play his full part in solving the health worker crisis. There is a target of 60,000 signatures on the petition by Tuesday. At the moment that petition sits at 41,673 can we change that? Sure we can!”

So here is my 100 words (or there abouts!...)

Every child matters, every child is special, no matter how much they drive us insane, wind us up and whine and moan, they are all unique, and they are loved. We love the happy faces, the smiles, the hugs and the kisses. They are ours. When they fall, we comfort them, when they are upset, we cuddle them, when they are ill, we care for them. We are lucky to have the services that we have, people moan about healthcare, but when we need it, it is there, when our children need it, they become a priority. We have had our fair share of the boys using the services of the NHS. Beanie was two months prem. Everyone of the 12 people in the room when I delivered him were fantastic, each had their job and did it superbly, that is why he is still with us, now at 7, a happy and healthy boy. Monkey too, has had his trips to hospital. He has had three asthma attacks in the last three months. The first he was hospitalised, he had 6 nebulizers overnight, all those that cared for him were fantastic, but this is not always the case. Some children's access to health workers means that by the time they get to see them it is too late. What if that was the case here, what if that was your child? In this country it would be headline news, in Africa it is everyday news.
We take for granted what we have, sometimes we need to think about those who aren't so lucky....

Please go and sign the petition

I am tagging:

Tattie Weasle
A Working Mum
Mum of 3 Boys

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Fussy Eaters!

My 3 boys are fantastic, I love them dearly, but there is one thing that at the moment drives their mother insane.
Food, mealtimes, or should that be the lack of it/them.

Beanie was fantastic, he weaned early considering he was two months prem, and has always had a good appetite. He would eat everything you gave him, and does now really with the exception of gravy and tomato sauce!

The other two are nightmares. Monkey didn't wean until he was 11 months old, no matter what I did he would not let food past his lips. He was a very sicky baby, he had severe reflux from birth (we bought a new lounge carpet eventually!) and started getting travel sick at 6 months. He just doesn't seem to like food. He eats when he feels like it. One day he will devour cottage pie, the following week he won't touch it. Some days it seems that sitting down to a meal is just too much of an ordeal, it's too inconvenient for him - there is so much that he would rather be doing.

Worm it seems is developing similar tendencies. He is at the phase where,whatever you put in front of him is thrown onto the floor (in the dog!) He has been at this phase for a while, it seems like forever, but very little seems to actually be going inside him. He is okay, he is not skinny, a well covered baby, unlike Monkey who is a very tiny 3 year old.

I've put it down to illness, teething, being over tired, but is it really?

Do all children do this, go through this phase?

I don't remember the dog being quite so fat with Beanie!

Worm, like Monkey is just fussy.

Sitting there, watching these two eat is stressful, frustrating and sometimes annoying. Why can't they put it in their mouths and just chew? Why can't they eat a meal, enjoy it. Not drink so much milk (this is part of the problem), they don't sleep through the night because....they are hungry.

And then there is that guilty mummy feeling. Is it my fault?

Beanie had all my time and attention when he was there age, when he was learning to eat new things, learning how to feed himself. the other two don't, I have to share myself between the three of them. Should I have made more of an effort? Will they change? Will they eat a full dinner - without smuggling half of it under the table to the dog....

Saturday is caption day!

I know I have posted this picture before, but for my first Saturday is Caption day I thought I would use it again.
All you have to do is put a caption to the photo in the comment box below

Thursday, 15 September 2011

My New Phone!

So my iPhone is dying, the touch screen is undecided as to whether it wants to work on a day to day basis. Some days its fine, others, it refuses to respond to any touch. It has been used a lot. A certain 3 year old loves playing Angry Birds and Traffic Rush!

We bought a Tablet earlier in the year and have found both games on there, so Monkey will be happy.

My phone is going. A new, sleeker model has been ordered, insurance taken out, (it was very cheap- just in case Worm decides to eat it like Monkey did to my previous phone!) and my new Blackberry Torch has been despatched already. I only ordered it at lunchtime, so it should be here when I return from work tomorrow. At last I will be able to Tweet and post blogs from my phone, instead of not being able to even see my blog in full on my stupid iPhone. There is something quite exciting about getting a new phone, being able to play with it, finding out what it is capable of. Working out how to post blogs will be an adventure in itself.
Thank you to, for my new phone and insurance, and thank you for following me on Twitter.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Gallery - A Happy Moment!

I had to put two pictures on, it didn't seem right to choose between them. Beanie and Monkey when Worm was first born, I think their faces say it all, two very proud big brothers! A very Happy Moment!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Where I Live!

I am very lucky indeed to live where I do, but it dawned on me today that even though I have shared where in England I live, I haven't actually shown you any pictures.

I live in a normal street, in a bog standard brown pebbledashed 1930's semi. My house looks out at other brown, dull semi's. That part I hate.

My view is as dull and brown as the house I live in, but my little cul-de-sac, has a little gate.

Actually it has two gates, each leading onto the moor, one at either end of the street.

Through these gates is another world, a green and beautiful world, where ponies, sheep and children roam free. Well within reason. We go for walks with the dog, we go jumping in muddy puddles, swinging in trees.

Yesterday a beautiful, yet over friendly pony tried to eat Monkey's coat hood. Monkey was not impressed, neither was mummy, but that is what can happen on the moor. You could walk for miles, I don't, but have done. We have our little walks that we take, up between the trees, to the big pile of leaves - perfect for jumping in, along the track, down into the quarry. There is so much open space, perfect for bike riding, kite flying, running, hiding and generally tiring the kids out.

We are so lucky to have this space and it is the main reason that I would never want to move away from here. Dartmoor and the sea mean the world to me, and give my children a freedom that a lot of children no longer are able to have.

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Last night Beanie went to his first sleepover.

It's only at his cousin's house, 9 miles away.

He seemed happy when I left him, I had to remind him to say "Goodbye" and to give his mum a kiss!

They will have their own mini Star Wars convention, and play on the Wii (ours is still broken).

Part of me wanted the phone call. "Mum, come and get me!" Part of me wanted him to want his mum.

But deep down I knew I wouldn't.

Growing Up.

Makes mummy just a little sad!

But proud.

Listography - Games I used to play.

This weeks Listography from Kate Takes 5, is Games I used to play. When I saw this one, I had to join in. (My first Listography). It got me thinking and remembering all those games we played as kids that are long forgotten. Or has Health and Safety removed them from our playgrounds?

So here goes.
1. Bull dog. I can remember loads of children, running down the playground , as the littlest kid tried so hard to tag us, as we repeatedly ran from one end to the other.

2. Elastic. Who thought your mothers old knicker elastic, could be made into such a great game. "England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, inside, outside, inside, scales" Who could do it when it was wrapped around your friends waist? Oh the memories.

3.Skipping. I know kids still do this, but I never see the really long skipping rope where you all jumped in and skip together. I loved doing this. "All in together girls". *thinks -Oh Double Dutch!*

4. Eurkee. This is similar to Kate's 'Mob Mob'. We used to play this on the cliff at the beach house. Someone is it, everyone else hides. The hiders have to get to the base before spotted, or before the spotter gets there. Hiders have to shout "Eurkee Eurkee in" when they reach it. I can't remember what the spotter used to shout...!"

5. My last will be a board game, one I vaguely remember. It was called "Sorry" and I remember it to be similar to Ludo, I used to play it at my Gran's, but that is about all I can remember. I wonder if it still exists. (Ebay search awaiting)

Thanks Kate for making me think back to younger days!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Gallery - Shoes!

Little, Big, Bigger!

A Monkey's Birthday!

Today Monkey turned 3, I think he has had a lovely day.

His mummy, not so lovely a day but....

I struggled to wake this morning, I was awake before the alarm (I hate that), and then lay in wait for the radio to kick in. Once it had, my head did not want me to get up and out of bed. (At this point I think I will blame the cold, the weather has really changed here and for the last two days I have seriously contemplated turning the heating on, just so my towel is warm when I get out of the shower.)

But also because I knew that Monkey was celebrating his birthday and he wasn't at home with his mummy and daddy. It's a strange feeling that came over me this morning, one of sadness, and guilt, that I wouldn't see him until after work and that he wouldn't see daddy at all.

I drove to work, my quiet time, 45 minutes of peace to contemplate (I'm liking that word today) and think....Me time in a strange way.
Kids were in school today, lessons went fine, little stress, but that's just day one!

I came home early, had all his presents on the coffee table, he arrived asleep in Granny and Granddad's car. When he woke, his face a picture, the sight of presents for him. The biggest grin!

The next two hours, opening, playing, paper everywhere. Cake, dinner, more cake!

A Monkey too excited to sleep! He kept creeping downstairs - to check his new toys were still there.

His presents, look closely, can you guess his obsession?

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Return to Normality!

I know I have to write, I haven't blogged for a few days, and I know I must, but something has changed.

Life has returned to normal.....

On Monday, Beanie and I returned to school and work. Beanie was slightly apprehensive, but was fine, or so I was told. I do not know as I too had to return to school.

I love the summer holidays, the relaxed atmosphere, the stress free get ups, taking our time to do anything and everything. But in an instance it is gone.....

I have to leave early for work, around 7:15am, so I don't get to do the school run, I commute 35 miles in each direction, I feel like I miss out on a lot of my children growing up. That time in the morning, as stressful as it is, is important. Hubby's shifts mean that he too is very rarely around. We rely on our parents, and that in itself is something that gets to me, I am their mother and I should be there for them. But we have no other option. No nursery around here opens early enough and can cope with shift work.

I only work three days, if I was full time, I wouldn't see hubby for days on end. It is hard, the kids find it hard too at times, they usually accept that daddy is at work or asleep, but occasionally Beanie, just wants to play with daddy.

So I am back at school, two days of training are over, the children return tomorrow, and reality hits again. More planning, more stress, more organisational dilemmas; where the children are, who's looking after them etc etc.

But tomorrow is also an important day.... Monkey turns 3! Unfortunately I have to work, so at the moment he and Worm are at Grannies but I will see them both tomorrow, though daddy has to work a late shift and will have to try and pop in!

Friday, 2 September 2011

The Pink Pot.

On the upstairs landing stands 'The Pink Pot'. It is one of few pink things in the house. Actually, when I think about it, apart from the pink pen, the blog book, and a few items of my clothing, it is the only pink thing in the house.

The Pink Pot has purpose.......

The Pink Pot was given to me last year for my birthday, from my cousin, who knows how pink is appreciated in an all male household (except me of course!). It sits displaying it's lettering "Mum's Pamper Pot" outside our bedroom door.

It is but a glorified money box, but with a difference, - it has no stopper!

At first I thought it was pointless, "it will just get filled with coppers and anything else the kids can squeeze through the hole". But I knew I didn't want it to be this way.

A work colleague asked me last Christmas if we could car share, well it's not theoretically car sharing, I pick her up en route, I just stop on the main road, in she jumps and we are off again. She insists on paying me £1 a journey. Money I don't really want, or need, it's not like I'm going out of my way. So a decision was made, this money goes in The Pink Pot. Money I shouldn't have.

Then another situation arose. I had gone to see my parents, but they weren't in, so I popped into their neighbours (the loveliest neighbours ever!) for a cuppa whilst I was waiting. They asked if hubby was working, no he was at home and had been out the night before and so wasn't up to coming in. My parents neighbour, then told me that when she and her husband had been younger, and their kids younger, if he went out with his mates, he had to give his wife the same amount of money that he had spent, so she could treat herself. I sat there thinking this was such a fantastic idea, but one that hubby would never agree to.

Nonetheless, I went home that evening and put the idea to my other half. Miraculously he agreed. That money goes in The Pink Pot. (I don't mind him going out quite so much now!)

It is not yet half full, there is a long way to go until smash day, and I cannot contemplate how much will be in there, but I have my eyes on an Orla Kiely handbag, that I would never usually buy, but it is money I shouldn't have, so why shouldn't I have it?

To all you mummy's out there - get yourself a pink pot, you deserve it too!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

I am so excited....

that I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!!

Oh my goodness. I am loving this blogging...

I joined the other day, just thought I'd try it and have just had an email to say I have a product on its way to review. My first one.

Had to phone hubby to tell him....

I can't wait.... so watch this space.


This summer disaster has struck our household. I notice that some of you blog from your phones, that seems very advanced for me, but mine is playing games and so blogging is not an option from it, there have been occasions where I have been unable to call from it, end the call, or use the touch screen. Long are the days when things lasted. My contract runs out at Christmas, how long my technological friend lasts I am unsure. What do I do in the mean time is more to the point. I want a new one.

The other techno item that has died has caused great distress. The Wii, has had enough. We have had it four years, and it does get played, but only in holidays and at weekends!! But it can no longer cope with reading a disk.
The dilemma, do we replace it or upgrade. I think due to the fact that we have littler ones yet to rise to Wii playing I am opting for the replacement. I know Beanie would love to get his hands on Daddy's XBox (That's kept in our bedroom out of their grasp!) but I feel that once they start playing on them, that's it. I will never see him again. He will be lost in game play.
So we want a new Wii too.

There are some great offers out there, free phones, free Xbox's, free tablets, together and alone. But what do you go for. Decisions, Decisions.....

If any of you want a new phone and are already thinking about Christmas (as I know some of you are) you might want to check out the offers at They have a great offer; today only, for a free Xbox with an HTC phone. I could be tempted.....but what an offer that is really. They may as well just give these things away.
Oh they are!!