Friday, 30 September 2011

Fab day!

I have had a fabulous day today. I know I should get to work writing but I am exhausted, having done a twelve hour day at work (on a Friday!!), and am now at home with only one child who is fast asleep.

I have been tagged in a blog by WeAreWildThings to write about seven things you don't know about me. I have thought long and hard and considering I blog anonymously you would think there would be loads of stuff to write, but can I think of one...... nope!
I will put it down to being tired. Though I really shouldn't be as Worm has slept through every night for the last week, a small miracle in itself, but also it's about time too!

So I cannot think of anything to write about myself... but Dear Beautiful Boy has posted my "Meeting you, Finding Me" story on her guest blog page, and even though that's my story, I blubbed like a baby when I read it. It's a very happy time and memory but also one of heartbreak and as I said in it, and as any mummy of a prem will know, the biggest emotional rollercoaster ride I have ever experienced.

My day today was fantastic, three members of staff took 35 teenagers to a Beach Festival, I am extremely grateful for the Indian Summer and had an amazing time. I umpired the volleyball and cannot quite believe how polite and courteous these children and the others from other schools were. They were cheering on their opposing teams whilst playing, offering support and advice on a game they were not great at playing but helped each other and other teams out too. On days like this I love my job and the kids I teach, (the sun helped obviously) but we had such a laugh, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, even though it was a very long day!

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  1. What a day for you!No wonder you shattered!Hope the weekends going well :-)