Saturday, 17 September 2011

Fussy Eaters!

My 3 boys are fantastic, I love them dearly, but there is one thing that at the moment drives their mother insane.
Food, mealtimes, or should that be the lack of it/them.

Beanie was fantastic, he weaned early considering he was two months prem, and has always had a good appetite. He would eat everything you gave him, and does now really with the exception of gravy and tomato sauce!

The other two are nightmares. Monkey didn't wean until he was 11 months old, no matter what I did he would not let food past his lips. He was a very sicky baby, he had severe reflux from birth (we bought a new lounge carpet eventually!) and started getting travel sick at 6 months. He just doesn't seem to like food. He eats when he feels like it. One day he will devour cottage pie, the following week he won't touch it. Some days it seems that sitting down to a meal is just too much of an ordeal, it's too inconvenient for him - there is so much that he would rather be doing.

Worm it seems is developing similar tendencies. He is at the phase where,whatever you put in front of him is thrown onto the floor (in the dog!) He has been at this phase for a while, it seems like forever, but very little seems to actually be going inside him. He is okay, he is not skinny, a well covered baby, unlike Monkey who is a very tiny 3 year old.

I've put it down to illness, teething, being over tired, but is it really?

Do all children do this, go through this phase?

I don't remember the dog being quite so fat with Beanie!

Worm, like Monkey is just fussy.

Sitting there, watching these two eat is stressful, frustrating and sometimes annoying. Why can't they put it in their mouths and just chew? Why can't they eat a meal, enjoy it. Not drink so much milk (this is part of the problem), they don't sleep through the night because....they are hungry.

And then there is that guilty mummy feeling. Is it my fault?

Beanie had all my time and attention when he was there age, when he was learning to eat new things, learning how to feed himself. the other two don't, I have to share myself between the three of them. Should I have made more of an effort? Will they change? Will they eat a full dinner - without smuggling half of it under the table to the dog....

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