Sunday, 18 September 2011

Save the Children - No Child Born to Die

I have been tagged today by Dear Beautiful Boy to join the Save the Children No Child Born To Die Campaign.

Mummy From The Heart and Hello It's Gemma have set the challenge
to get 100 bloggers to write 100 words
in support of the campaign.

Michelle at Mummy From The Heart wrote this:

"I am sure that by now you have seen there is a severe draught in East Africa. I learned today that 750,000 are about to die and that we (yes all of us) are letting them die. Gosh, that does not sit comfortably does it? I hear you now 'Who me, no I don't want anyone to die'. I beg you, don't close the browser, keep reading. None of us want people to die but we have to challenge ourselves as to what we are willing to do about it. Saving our fellow humans is the responsibility of us all and that is not just giving money. Please do not shy away and think 'I'm broke, I can't help'. Yes you can, we all can. That is the truly amazing thing and all it costs is a little time.

These people in the developing world all have names and families and things they love to do but what they do not have is enough presence over here, a big enough voice so they are heard. Lets all help to give these people a voice. Today I listened to Lucy, talking from South Sudan about how a lack of health workers in so many countries means that people die needlessly. Save the Children are campaigning to change this.

...a fellow blogger Chris Mosler (@ChristineMosler) will attend the UN General Assembly in New York. She is going there with Liz Scarff on behalf of Save the Children to pressure David Cameron to play his full part in solving the health worker crisis. There is a target of 60,000 signatures on the petition by Tuesday. At the moment that petition sits at 41,673 can we change that? Sure we can!”

So here is my 100 words (or there abouts!...)

Every child matters, every child is special, no matter how much they drive us insane, wind us up and whine and moan, they are all unique, and they are loved. We love the happy faces, the smiles, the hugs and the kisses. They are ours. When they fall, we comfort them, when they are upset, we cuddle them, when they are ill, we care for them. We are lucky to have the services that we have, people moan about healthcare, but when we need it, it is there, when our children need it, they become a priority. We have had our fair share of the boys using the services of the NHS. Beanie was two months prem. Everyone of the 12 people in the room when I delivered him were fantastic, each had their job and did it superbly, that is why he is still with us, now at 7, a happy and healthy boy. Monkey too, has had his trips to hospital. He has had three asthma attacks in the last three months. The first he was hospitalised, he had 6 nebulizers overnight, all those that cared for him were fantastic, but this is not always the case. Some children's access to health workers means that by the time they get to see them it is too late. What if that was the case here, what if that was your child? In this country it would be headline news, in Africa it is everyday news.
We take for granted what we have, sometimes we need to think about those who aren't so lucky....

Please go and sign the petition

I am tagging:

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