Monday, 26 September 2011

Listography - Five celebs I'd like to go for a Beer with.

Now this one is hard, hard because I don't really 'do' celebrities. I don't read magazines, or watch that much TV, so I have had to really think about this one.

1. Stephen Fry, purely for the appreciation of intellectual adult conversation. I think he is an amazingly gifted intellectual who would be able to talk about absolutely anything. I'd also ask if Alan Davis is as "thick" as he comes across in QI, or if it is just a set up!

2. Ty Pennington, from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Ok so he is a little cute, but my plan would be to get him so drunk that he would agree to come to my house, and not knock it down and rebuild it, but to build me my kitchen extension, that we so desperately need!

That brings me on to 3. These guys could help Ty, the "DIYSOS" team. Hubby and I often say what a laugh it would be to go out with this group of guys (and girl). We have thought of wrecking our house just to get them around to take them to the pub!!

4.Now I am struggling, Ellie Goulding, I love her voice, her music and I could listen to her for a long time, truly inspirational.

5. Seth Lakeman, again a musical genius, Beanie loves his music and frequently dances around the lounge to him, even the babies toe tap in time. A local lad I would love to meet him and take Beanie with me, so maybe we could have an OJ instead!

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  1. I was struggling there at the start but you redeemed yourself with your final two! Thanks for joining in. x