Saturday, 10 September 2011

Listography - Games I used to play.

This weeks Listography from Kate Takes 5, is Games I used to play. When I saw this one, I had to join in. (My first Listography). It got me thinking and remembering all those games we played as kids that are long forgotten. Or has Health and Safety removed them from our playgrounds?

So here goes.
1. Bull dog. I can remember loads of children, running down the playground , as the littlest kid tried so hard to tag us, as we repeatedly ran from one end to the other.

2. Elastic. Who thought your mothers old knicker elastic, could be made into such a great game. "England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, inside, outside, inside, scales" Who could do it when it was wrapped around your friends waist? Oh the memories.

3.Skipping. I know kids still do this, but I never see the really long skipping rope where you all jumped in and skip together. I loved doing this. "All in together girls". *thinks -Oh Double Dutch!*

4. Eurkee. This is similar to Kate's 'Mob Mob'. We used to play this on the cliff at the beach house. Someone is it, everyone else hides. The hiders have to get to the base before spotted, or before the spotter gets there. Hiders have to shout "Eurkee Eurkee in" when they reach it. I can't remember what the spotter used to shout...!"

5. My last will be a board game, one I vaguely remember. It was called "Sorry" and I remember it to be similar to Ludo, I used to play it at my Gran's, but that is about all I can remember. I wonder if it still exists. (Ebay search awaiting)

Thanks Kate for making me think back to younger days!


  1. Oh I remember Elastic (but we called it something else which I can't remember...) and we said Donkeys Tails instead of Scales. I was crap at it.

  2. Elastics and skipping are on mine too. You very rarely see them being played now.

  3. I guess maybe health and safety banned them. Though I doubt any child got strangled!

  4. We played Bulldog too but it kept getting banned. Did you really use knicker elastic?