Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A Monkey's Birthday!

Today Monkey turned 3, I think he has had a lovely day.

His mummy, not so lovely a day but....

I struggled to wake this morning, I was awake before the alarm (I hate that), and then lay in wait for the radio to kick in. Once it had, my head did not want me to get up and out of bed. (At this point I think I will blame the cold, the weather has really changed here and for the last two days I have seriously contemplated turning the heating on, just so my towel is warm when I get out of the shower.)

But also because I knew that Monkey was celebrating his birthday and he wasn't at home with his mummy and daddy. It's a strange feeling that came over me this morning, one of sadness, and guilt, that I wouldn't see him until after work and that he wouldn't see daddy at all.

I drove to work, my quiet time, 45 minutes of peace to contemplate (I'm liking that word today) and think....Me time in a strange way.
Kids were in school today, lessons went fine, little stress, but that's just day one!

I came home early, had all his presents on the coffee table, he arrived asleep in Granny and Granddad's car. When he woke, his face a picture, the sight of presents for him. The biggest grin!

The next two hours, opening, playing, paper everywhere. Cake, dinner, more cake!

A Monkey too excited to sleep! He kept creeping downstairs - to check his new toys were still there.

His presents, look closely, can you guess his obsession?

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