Thursday, 15 September 2011

My New Phone!

So my iPhone is dying, the touch screen is undecided as to whether it wants to work on a day to day basis. Some days its fine, others, it refuses to respond to any touch. It has been used a lot. A certain 3 year old loves playing Angry Birds and Traffic Rush!

We bought a Tablet earlier in the year and have found both games on there, so Monkey will be happy.

My phone is going. A new, sleeker model has been ordered, insurance taken out, (it was very cheap- just in case Worm decides to eat it like Monkey did to my previous phone!) and my new Blackberry Torch has been despatched already. I only ordered it at lunchtime, so it should be here when I return from work tomorrow. At last I will be able to Tweet and post blogs from my phone, instead of not being able to even see my blog in full on my stupid iPhone. There is something quite exciting about getting a new phone, being able to play with it, finding out what it is capable of. Working out how to post blogs will be an adventure in itself.
Thank you to, for my new phone and insurance, and thank you for following me on Twitter.

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  1. Having ordered it on Thursday, my new phone arrived on Friday, It's fab and so much better than my iPhone. It's taken a couple of days of playing and I still haven't attempted to blog from it but you never know, one day!