Friday, 2 September 2011

The Pink Pot.

On the upstairs landing stands 'The Pink Pot'. It is one of few pink things in the house. Actually, when I think about it, apart from the pink pen, the blog book, and a few items of my clothing, it is the only pink thing in the house.

The Pink Pot has purpose.......

The Pink Pot was given to me last year for my birthday, from my cousin, who knows how pink is appreciated in an all male household (except me of course!). It sits displaying it's lettering "Mum's Pamper Pot" outside our bedroom door.

It is but a glorified money box, but with a difference, - it has no stopper!

At first I thought it was pointless, "it will just get filled with coppers and anything else the kids can squeeze through the hole". But I knew I didn't want it to be this way.

A work colleague asked me last Christmas if we could car share, well it's not theoretically car sharing, I pick her up en route, I just stop on the main road, in she jumps and we are off again. She insists on paying me £1 a journey. Money I don't really want, or need, it's not like I'm going out of my way. So a decision was made, this money goes in The Pink Pot. Money I shouldn't have.

Then another situation arose. I had gone to see my parents, but they weren't in, so I popped into their neighbours (the loveliest neighbours ever!) for a cuppa whilst I was waiting. They asked if hubby was working, no he was at home and had been out the night before and so wasn't up to coming in. My parents neighbour, then told me that when she and her husband had been younger, and their kids younger, if he went out with his mates, he had to give his wife the same amount of money that he had spent, so she could treat herself. I sat there thinking this was such a fantastic idea, but one that hubby would never agree to.

Nonetheless, I went home that evening and put the idea to my other half. Miraculously he agreed. That money goes in The Pink Pot. (I don't mind him going out quite so much now!)

It is not yet half full, there is a long way to go until smash day, and I cannot contemplate how much will be in there, but I have my eyes on an Orla Kiely handbag, that I would never usually buy, but it is money I shouldn't have, so why shouldn't I have it?

To all you mummy's out there - get yourself a pink pot, you deserve it too!

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