Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Return to Normality!

I know I have to write, I haven't blogged for a few days, and I know I must, but something has changed.

Life has returned to normal.....

On Monday, Beanie and I returned to school and work. Beanie was slightly apprehensive, but was fine, or so I was told. I do not know as I too had to return to school.

I love the summer holidays, the relaxed atmosphere, the stress free get ups, taking our time to do anything and everything. But in an instance it is gone.....

I have to leave early for work, around 7:15am, so I don't get to do the school run, I commute 35 miles in each direction, I feel like I miss out on a lot of my children growing up. That time in the morning, as stressful as it is, is important. Hubby's shifts mean that he too is very rarely around. We rely on our parents, and that in itself is something that gets to me, I am their mother and I should be there for them. But we have no other option. No nursery around here opens early enough and can cope with shift work.

I only work three days, if I was full time, I wouldn't see hubby for days on end. It is hard, the kids find it hard too at times, they usually accept that daddy is at work or asleep, but occasionally Beanie, just wants to play with daddy.

So I am back at school, two days of training are over, the children return tomorrow, and reality hits again. More planning, more stress, more organisational dilemmas; where the children are, who's looking after them etc etc.

But tomorrow is also an important day.... Monkey turns 3! Unfortunately I have to work, so at the moment he and Worm are at Grannies but I will see them both tomorrow, though daddy has to work a late shift and will have to try and pop in!


  1. Gosh I know what you mean!!When school hits again don't you know about it!I'm whacked today and I've only done 2 days!
    Glad Beanie enjoyed school,Chipmunk was ok,he got lost at dinnertime tho and missed his lunch time play :-/ let's hope he settles soon,it's really killing me!
    Hope Worm has a great birthday :-)

  2. Hang on it's Monkey who has the birthday!Sorry I got that mixed up!Happy birthday to Monkey then :-)