Thursday, 1 September 2011


This summer disaster has struck our household. I notice that some of you blog from your phones, that seems very advanced for me, but mine is playing games and so blogging is not an option from it, there have been occasions where I have been unable to call from it, end the call, or use the touch screen. Long are the days when things lasted. My contract runs out at Christmas, how long my technological friend lasts I am unsure. What do I do in the mean time is more to the point. I want a new one.

The other techno item that has died has caused great distress. The Wii, has had enough. We have had it four years, and it does get played, but only in holidays and at weekends!! But it can no longer cope with reading a disk.
The dilemma, do we replace it or upgrade. I think due to the fact that we have littler ones yet to rise to Wii playing I am opting for the replacement. I know Beanie would love to get his hands on Daddy's XBox (That's kept in our bedroom out of their grasp!) but I feel that once they start playing on them, that's it. I will never see him again. He will be lost in game play.
So we want a new Wii too.

There are some great offers out there, free phones, free Xbox's, free tablets, together and alone. But what do you go for. Decisions, Decisions.....

If any of you want a new phone and are already thinking about Christmas (as I know some of you are) you might want to check out the offers at They have a great offer; today only, for a free Xbox with an HTC phone. I could be tempted.....but what an offer that is really. They may as well just give these things away.
Oh they are!!

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