Tuesday, 18 October 2011

BritMums - Blog Prompt If I had one day to myself...

This week I am joining in with BritMums Blog Prompt.

It is not easy to decide what I would do......but,

If I had one day to myself I would....

Sleep so soundly that I do not wake at the slightest noise, I would wake to an empty house.

I would not be at home.

I would be alone at the Beach House.

Snuggled up in bed.

It would be winter, my favourite season. I would lie there and listen to the sea, the waves crashing against the shore. The wind howling and the rain drumming on the windows.

I would take my time to get out of bed.

In an ideal world I would then have a long hot soak in the bath, scented candles, bubbles and a book. (Too early for a glass of wine and there is no bath at the beach house - just a shower!)

I would have a cooked breakfast - poached egg on toast, sat eating it in front of a roaring fire.

I would go for a walk along the beach. In the rain, wrapped up, in waterproofs and wellies.

I would return for my lunch, strip off my wet clothes and into my comfy fleece pyjamas. I would have a bowl of Heinz chicken soup, and thick granary bread for lunch before curling up in my duvet to watch a film.

Dinner would be scallops, salmon and chocolate pudding and then I would have an early night.

Would I miss the boys? Of course, however one day to myself would be so nice, but just a dream! And at least I would be all refreshed ready for another day of mayhem!!

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