Thursday, 27 October 2011

Half Term Treats.

I worry that as a parent I don't do enough for my children.

I worry that because there is such a difference in their ages, I don't provide for all of them.

I worry that because I am on my own with them a lot, they miss out.

Today was a bit different. Today I did something that I have wanted to do for a long time but have never been able to.

Today, the boys and I went swimming.

Okay, so I had a bit of help!

So there were eight of us, four adults, four children.

Beanie and his cousin I, were off and gone, both confident swimmers.

Monkey stayed with Nanna, he loves swimming and is growing more confident. He wears his Roll Up arm bands, and his googles around his neck! He kicks his legs and moves his arms, and Nanna even let go of him for a split second and he remained above water!

Worm, is very different. Worm hates the Bath, so I was concerned about how he would react to the pool.

I was right to be concerned. Worm in is swim nappy, and arm bands, held onto me for dear life.

To the extent I thought I was going to reveal more than I would have liked. The grasp so strong and pulling at my costume.

The scream so high pitched it could be heard above the water fountain, sprays and a full swimming pool.

I was determined not to give in.

The scream continued, the grasp tighter. Tears rolling down his face. Ten minutes of tantrum. He has definitely reached the terribe twos early.

And then just like that it stopped.

He laughed.

He giggled.

He smiled.

He splashed.

That was it. The legs kicked, the arms moved, he went under the fountain, chuckled and went back and forth. He loved it.

It as a fantastic swim. Part of me wished I had done it sooner but I know that I cannot do it alone with all three.

The only negative - I haven't seen myself in a swimming costume for sometime and that needs addressing!!!

When we got home, bath time. Worm had his normal 2 second bath, screaming and crying. Back to normal. Maybe I should get in with him and stay for at least ten minutes!

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  1. Wow that's brilliant how you hung in there and he was able to move past his initial fears. well done you!