Friday, 21 October 2011

Pintoy City Fire Engine - Review

This beautiful little fire engine was sent to me from the guys at They are a local company, as I found out after contacting them in reply to a tweet for a toy tester.

We had a choice of what to get, within a set limit and having already reviewed some games for Beanie I decided it would be time to give Monkey a treat.

Monkey is fire engine obsessed. Everything he does is "an emergency". He has dress up, he has fire engines and other accessories from a certain Fireman, but this I thought would be a bit different.

It is lovely.

I love traditional toys. I love wooden toys. When I looked through the website I was in heaven. I adore the fact that this toy will be played with, and the quality of it is so good that I can see that this toy will be kept and passed down to the next generation.

It arrived when I was at work, I saw it on my return but didn't open it immediately. When I did open it, I was spied by a little Monkey who asked me "What's that?"
"What do you think it is?"
"A car."
"Not a car."
"A fire engine." - at this point jumping up and down in pure delight, the biggest grin on his face!

We opened it and it comes completely set up and ready to go, no ties in sight, a god send when you have a very excited 3 year old desperate to play!

It was immediately taken to the lounge, to join the other engines.

The Fire engine also comes with a little wooden man. He is very sweet and has flexible arms and legs. He sits perfectly in the front of the engine and has two holes in his hands, so that he can hold the hose.

He is a lovely addition to the fire engine as when I read the description on the website I wasn't entirely sure that we would receive a figure, but was thrilled when we did. (Other accessories are also available on the website).

The fire engine is very well made, there are rounded edges and the paint detailing is fantastic. the Lid lifts off, so the hose (and an abundance of other treasures) can be stored inside. The hose is in two sections that clip together so there is no choking hazard and it can be placed on either side of the engine. On top of the lid is the ladder which can be moved up and down. The man can stand on the ladder but both his feet do not fit on one rung.

This really is a lovely toy, and one that I know I will not part with. There are other fire engines in the Pintoy range and an accessories set and fireman set, all of which will be on Monkey Christmas List!

It is so solid and child friendly that even Worm has had a sneeky play with it when Monkey has not been looking!

The Pintoy City Fire Engine is available from for £24.49 and was sent to us free to review.

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