Monday, 24 October 2011

A Sick Monkey! Part 2.

After the terrifying first asthma attack at the end of June, Monkey had his second one at the beginning of August. He had gone to the Beach House with my parents for some grandparent and Monkey time, and on the Wednesday I got a phone call from my mum, saying that he wasn't right.

Monkey is very hyperactive, always on the go and is so comical. He is not a cuddly boy in comparison to Beanie but when he wants a cuddle you know. Mum told me he had spent the whole morning on the settee with her, complaining that his back hurt. They had taken him down on the beach, in an attempt to take his mind of it but within ten minutes he was begging to go back up.

I tried to get a doctors appointment the following day but they had none.

2 hours later my mum phoned again, saying that my dad was bringing him home, and that he really wasn't himself. Even though he was not yet at home I phoned the surgery again and asked for the doctor on call to ring me. He returned home, and seemed quiet but not too bad. By 5pm the doctor had not called. Then the wheezing started. The doctor eventually called me back at 6:30pm and said they would see him first thing in the morning. I was told if he deteriorated, call 999.
I didn't sleep that night but kept him near me, making sure he was breathing. Somehow we got through the night. The doctor called at 9am and we went straight down. He was put on steroids for three days. Something I am not overly happy about but needs must...

His next episode was the middle of September, mild by all accounts, and we managed him at home. He was really good this time and took his inhaler. We got through without any other medication.

A month later, last Sunday, he had another great day out in the garden playing with Beanie. By teatime he was flagging, by bed time he was wheezing. Moors-daddy and I went to bed at 11pm. Monkey was restless, moaning and whimpering. He woke up every half an hour. By midnight we were sat listening to him wheezing over the baby monitor. At what point does a wheeze become an emergency?

We sat there looking at each other, wanting the other to say, yes do it, phone the ambulance, but each knew it wasn't that bad. So I phoned out of hours. They responded quickly, returning our call within ten minutes, their words, "Would you like an ambulance?". I declined, it is probably just as quick to drive him into Plymouth. So bags packed, we were off to Derriford again. Out of hours was quiet, they were waiting for us, and bless Monkey he lay on the bed and took the nebuliser, it was like he had finally accepted it and knew it would make him better.

Half an hour later we were given a bottle of banana medicine (amoxycillin) and more steroids and were on our way home. Our journey home was lovely across the moor. We saw three foxes, a tawny owl, and countless rabbits and he talked all the way home, constantly telling me that Mr Moon was following us! It took me over an hour to get him to sleep, and since last Sunday we have had a couple of days that have been worse than others, but in general he is much better.

Tomorrow we have an appointment with the nurse to discuss his medication. He quite clearly needs to be on more than a blue inhaler. 4 attacks in 4 months is more than enough for a 3 year old to contend with.


  1. Oh poor monkey :-( hope you got on ok at the check today xx

  2. Thanks Jess, he has been put on a preventer, which is much needed and we have to go back in a month to see the asthma nurse. I am hoping that will control it a bit more!