Friday, 28 October 2011

A Sick Monkey! Part 3.

So Monkey has been poorly. His asthma has taken over our summer, but the other issue is his back.

When visiting the doctor about his asthma we mentioned his back and the doctor referred us to the hospital in Plymouth.

As it happens after our trip there last Sunday night/Monday morning, his consultant appointment was on Tuesday. Derriford Hospital twice in two days!

We arrived to what seemed like chaos. Children running everywhere. Monkey sat close to me, and watched the other children.

We were eventually called to the consultants room. He asked me for the low down on what had been going on.

If I am honest, I really don't know where to start with this. I know it is strange for a then 2 year old to complain of back pain, it is usually tummy ache, and part of me thinks its for attention. Worm gets carried because he can't walk and a lot of me thinks it is jealousy and wanting to still be the baby. BUT there have also been times when I think that actually there is something really wrong. Like the time he was jumping down some steps holding my hand and as he landed he winced and shouted "Ouch me back hurt" and then asked to be carried.

Part of me thinks that there is now the beginnings of a pattern of his back hurting just before he has an asthma attack, so could it be that he just cannot tell me where the pain is and actually it's in his chest.

I really don't know, it could be anything.

The consultant stripped him to his nappy and poked and prodded his back, he checked his legs and his reflexes. he explained that it could be a number of things, to diagnose some they would need to MRI him and that would involve a general anaesthetic, and they would only go down that route if they thought it was there only option. (Thank Goodness!) In the meantime they would do blood tests and get a wee sample from him(good luck!) and test for the normal things.

Taking blood from a 3 year old is an achievement. he was fine until the needle went in, then he screamed. The plaster and the bag of Haribo quickly stopped it!!

As for the wee sample. He is still in nappies, we have tried pants but he is not interested/can't be bothered/ couldn't care less! They sent us home with a sterile pack. He sat on the potty for mummy and did the smallest (but hugely congratulated) wee. Not enough for the sample pot. So I had to do the pad in nappy and wring it out! Lovely!

Now just to wait and see. If the results are negative then we have to think again and we need to go back in three months to see if there is any difference/improvement.

I hope it is nothing, or at the most related to his asthma, I think this Monkey has been through enough.


  1. Just a note about potty training - one of my three sons was just the same as yours, couldn't care less! Until at this time of year I sent him out to play in the garden with his brothers in pants (and trousers of course!) and let him wee his socks off. Fine at first, nice and warm ... of course later it gets cold and nasty. Took a couple of days and a bit extra washing but seemed to do the trick. Might work for you? Good luck. x

  2. Thanks I have got to a point where I am just going to put him in pants and go for it. But I will wait until he is 100%. He knows when he is weeing and pooping but just doesn't ask. I like your idea will give it a go!