Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tactic Games - "Dotto" Play and Say Review

The lovely people at blog-match.com set me up with my first review from Tactic games. (www.tactic.net)

They sent me two board games, called "Roll for Gold" and "Dotto".

Roll for Gold is aimed at children age 7 years and older and Dotto 6+.

Dotto is a strategic game, using dice, whereby the players have to place the coloured dice in the correct position on the board within the time limit.

The board was really easy to set up and the games comes complete with a timer (battery not included), ten coloured dice, 16 counters (of which you use 15) and 55 playing cards showing the patterns.

Each player has three tokens to start, the timer is started and the oldest person takes a card and has to replicate the pattern that is shown on the card onto the grid board. When they have completed their pattern the next player takes another card from the pile and replicates the next pattern. This continues until the timer stops. Who ever's go it is when the timer stops looses one of their tokens. When all three of your tokens have gone you are out and the winner is the last person with a token left.

This game is based on a really simple idea, and we found it to be really enjoyable. You get quite frustrated when you can't find the correct colour when you need to but it was quick and easy to play and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Even Granny played it tonight and said how good it was.

Beanie loved the fact that he was against the timer, and the timer is unpredictable as to when it goes off, so you have to be quick when playing. It is a great game for developing hand eye coordination and logical thinking, as well as being incredibly quick to play (about 10-15 minutes).

My only negative about this game would be the quality of the timer. It feels quite flimsy and doesn't always start when you push the button, you have to push it really hard, which Beanie has found difficult at times to get it to work!

Both games are available to purchase from www.carouseltoyshop.co.uk

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