Tuesday, 11 October 2011

You and Me, Me and You!

Sometimes I think you have to take time out.

Time out as a mummy, as a wife and as a teacher.

There are always days when life seems too much.

Too much stress, noise, taxiing, telling off, all the things we do everyday but sometimes don't think about enough to realise exactly what it is that we do!

Our 'jobs', take it out of us.

There are days when I go to work at 7:15am, having had 3 hours sleep. I know I am not the only one. Some weeks I have two or three days like that and I wonder how I function.

At times I know I need a break.

My life is complicated. I am a mum, I teach and I am married to a policeman. A policeman who works shifts.

70% of the time, I am a single parent. If moors-daddy is at home, he is probably asleep after a night shift.

Beanie feels the effect, and at times asks if he can play with daddy, the little two aren't old enough to understand - yet!

There are days, when I want to be alone. There are days when I want to sit and read a book!

Sometimes it gets too much, moors-daddy and I are both tired, our body clocks messed up. Sometimes we need to spend time alone,(together).

This Easter (our wedding anniversary) we treated ourselves to a weekend in Paris.
It wasn't a relaxing break. We were up early and out to the attractions before 9am, but we spent time together. We had the most amazing Japanese dinner, saw the Mona Lisa, did all the tourist things, apart from climbing the Eiffel Tower (no way would you get me up that!)

Whilst we were there we agreed we need to do this every year (grandparents permitting). We need to take time out, just me and him, him and me.

Next year we plan to go to Edinburgh, somewhere moors-daddy has been to a lot (with his previous job) and loves, but he has never taken me. Somewhere I would love to go.

Then we start the list, places we can visit for a weekend without the children!!

Any recommendations?!


  1. I was going to say how about the Lake District but then you are 'moors mummy' - know how you feel though .... sigh.

  2. Thank you so much, you have reminded me of something I had completely forgotten about. Four years ago, moors-daddy Beanie and I went to a friends wedding in Penrith. It was beautiful and they stayed in an amazing hotel (I can't remember its name). We stayed in the Travellodge! That place is definitely on my list, without children. The hotel not the Travellodge!!

  3. I totally agree about taking time out. I adore my children but I need time to be myself too.

  4. Oh Papasaurus does night shifts too - it's a real strain on being a mother I have to admit!
    I daydream about having a few hours to myself to just have a nice bath or read a book!

    Maybe I should start a 'wish list' of things I want to do - on my own!