Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Christmas shopping!

Today I have finally started the Christmas shopping.

If I am honest I have started to panic a bit about it. I am usually a very organised person. I plan everything. But as of late I feel that things have got on top of me a bit and I haven't quite got my head around it all.

Tonight the boys have gone to Grandparents for the night. Moors-daddy and I will both be out of the house by 7:15am tomorrow, to go to work. So having dropped the boys off, I went to Tesco on my own. Something that rarely happens.

I wandered around in my own time, no screaming children , no hubby on a mission to vacate asap!

I managed to buy little things for stockings, a lovely The Hungry Caterpillar colouring book for Monkey, a couple of Car 2 cars for him too. For Beanie some Star Wars bits and some Lego mini figures. A bit of chocolate too.

I know it isn't much, but at least now I have started, and I feel just a little bit happier and not quite so much of a stress head now!!


  1. I have also come home and got on the internet and ordered some more stuff. I am beginning to feel a sense of achievement!

  2. Hello Mrs!
    Thanks for the comment on my Kerplunk Post :-)
    I've only just got round to replying to people!

    Well done for starting your Xmas shopping!

    Have a fun weekend love Jess xx