Thursday, 17 November 2011

Dreaming of Summer.........

during the winter.

Its got really cold down here today.

Sat in the park this afternoon watching Beanie's weekly preparation for Wimbledon, I had to keep moving, it was noticeably cold. Worm and I ended up in the clubhouse in an attempt to warm up.

Winter is here....

So that got me thinking about what to do next summer. We didn't go on holiday last year, and the two previous years have gone 'camping' in France. Okay so we stayed in a caravan (and we wouldn't have it any other way - well moors-daddy wouldn't) so it wasn't really camping. But where do we go next year. We need to go somewhere (I need to go somewhere!)

I have thought about France again, and then I remembered the last time. Ten days in France, eight days of rain. Maybe we need to go further south. I came home and started searching, and found GoCampSpain. A website that shows all the major campsites in Spain and which of the main providers you can book through. It also has loads of information about travelling to Spain and other useful tips, including holidaying with children. It is obviously run by a family who have experienced holidaying abroad with their kids, and has got me thinking. Could Spain be our next trip?

I need to get on with it, and if we are going to go abroad next year we should really think about booking it soon.

A thought of summer.....
In winter.

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