Saturday, 5 November 2011

I HATE fireworks!

However lovely the pictures look and however many of you will stand there tonight oohing and aahing at them, it makes no difference. I hate fireworks.

I don't really know why either, I went as a child to organised displays and was never really a fan of the noise but now as an adult I cannot stand them.

Yes they look pretty and there are some fantastic photographs of them out there but this year again, it will not be me taking them!

I think they are so dangerous and wonder why as a country we still sell them over the counter. I know most people are responsible but it takes just one person to have a silly five minutes before they are scared for life, and most people just don't think about what they really are.

As a teenager I went to a display in my then boyfriends friends garden. It was great, until one went astray, and flew towards the crowd. Two people were taken to hospital with their faces burnt. Amongst it all my boyfriend had turned and run, pushing me towards the fireworks as he went. Little to say I left him soon after!

That night remains with me, and I know how quickly things can go wrong.

No doubt as the boys get older they will insist on us going to see some fireworks but we will never have them at home in the garden!

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