Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Not a silent Sunday!

So the Sunday just gone was a real family and friend affair.

A day that I had been thinking about for the last 8 years.

I knew that one day I would have three children, and from even before we got married and got pregnant, I always knew in my heart that my three children would get Baptised together. I don't know why I felt like this but part of me wanted them to remember it, and if the little one couldn't then at least the eldest one should.

I knew that it is a special day in any true believers life, a welcoming to the church family. And even though we are not regular church goers, in fact in the eight years we have lived here we haven't been, but it was something I wanted to do, and I just needed to kick myself up the bum in order to get me there.

Their Baptism was that kick.

I had always been a church goer until I met my husband. I have a faith, whether it is entirely Christian I am not sure, but my beliefs are strong enough to know that teachings like the ten commandments can't be that bad! If my children grow up knowing right from wrong and what is acceptable behaviour and can show compassion and empathy for others then I think I and they are doing a good job.

So on Sunday the boys got Baptised.

It really was a lovely experience. Three boys smartly dressed, both Beanie and Monkey wanting to wear shirts and ties!

The vicar was lovely, he had visited us at home three times before, so the boys knew him, and his wife admitted to me on my way into church that he had become quite smitten with them!

We sang hymns, and some songs (that I didn't know) but the boys enjoyed it!

Monkey had the hiccups at the font, but they soon vanished when he had a handful of water chucked over his head!

Worm not so impressed as you can see in the pictures! He did sleep through part of it, but got woken by the singing! (not mine !!)

Beanie took it all in his stride!

Today Monkey has been to nursery and has told all his little friends that the water was cold and that everyone came back to our house for chocolate cake and sponge!

We celebrated by having tea and cake, nothing too grand.

We also had an insight to what Christmas will be like. Monkey was desperate to find out what was in the presents. Last year at Christmas he showed little interest!

It really was a lovely day and I am really really glad that I waited and had all three 'done' together.

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