Saturday, 19 November 2011

Where do I do it?

I was tagged by love_from_mummy at Dear Beautiful Boy to answer the above question. A bit personal I thought at first, but then I read her blog and realised it wasn't what I had first thought!

So where do I do it?

I actually have a choice about where I do it? (Aren't I the lucky one!)

Every one has there advantages and disadvantages.....

The main computer is in the dining room, it is on a small desk and it is very cluttered with moors-daddy website work. Lots of pieces of paper and pens, wires for this and that. I like working in there but clutter annoys me. I love the fact that this desk can be folded away so you can't see anything but more often than not it is open, showing the mess to the world (or our visitors at least!). It is nice to be sat properly at a desk but this room is also cold in the winter unless the woodburner is lit.

The second place I do it, is in the lounge, sat on the sofa, a cat or two (or three) sat next to me, laptop on my lap. This is the preferred place, warm and cosy and I can keep an eye on the boys if they are up and playing. If they are around then Worm frequently arrives to see if he can close the laptop or to see how many buttons he can push before mummy gives up!

We also have a tablet, (not of the fruity variety) and when I started blogging I did everything on it. I soon realised that it wouldn't suffice and I needed more than what a tablet has to offer. It s great and I do still use it but mainly to view blogs and read other people's thoughts and opinions and to look at the beautiful pictures that people post!

I would like my own little work station. I have a small bureau in our bedroom that belonged to moors-daddy's gran. I would like to have a laptop up there but that would require a lot of sorting out of all the junk that is in it. One day......!

So who's next... I am tagging
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