Wednesday, 28 December 2011

What I got for Christmas...

Well it's over. The festivities that is. Stress central. I am so glad it's all over yet I still have a mountain of boys toys to sort and clear from the lounge.
The day itself was exhausting. Moors-daddy left for work at half six. Beanie was up about a minute later. The other two woke at just after seven, by which time I had showered and dressed.
The oldest two knew they wouldn't be opening their presents straight away. We would try and wait until daddy popped home!
They were fab. They were allowed to open their stockings and then their sacks from Santa. They took their time, unwrapping and examining everything carefully. Beanie took his up to his room after opening so that "Worm wouldn't wreck it!".
Nanna and Grandad came out with more presents, and then daddy came home. He managed to stay for about an hour. In this time Granny and Grandad also arrived and Nanna and Grandad left. It was chaos of coming and going. Daddy's day at work was the busiest he had had in a long time and we didn't see him again. He was late home, but the boys still had presents to open when he arrived so they had done well. Granny and Grandad and moors-daddy's brother all stayed for Christmas dinner and into the evening. Moors-daddy and I opened most of our presnts in the evening. I knew what I was getting from most people. Moors-daddy got me a BlackBerry playbook, not the Kindle I wanted but so much better. His reasoning, "you can only read on a Kindle, you can blog on a playbook!" I love it. And its mine. No boys asking to play angry birds!! My parents bought me a digital camera, again something I needed. I have relied on my phone but needed something a bit better. Its not the DSLR I dream of but a handy compact that I can take everywhere. Other than that it was clothes, perfume, the normal stuff. So hopefully I will now have the ability to blog more and to photograph more, well that's the intention!

Friday, 23 December 2011

When do they stop believing?

I have always assumed that Beanie will believe in Father Christmas for a couple more years, and for the first time this year I saw a tiny bit of doubt in his eyes.

This year we sent both Beanie and Monkey video messages from Father Christmas from the Portable North Pole (well worth it and fantastic video messages!) And it was during their watching of this that I saw that first bit of doubt. Nothing was said or mentioned but I knew it was there.

Beanie spent Tuesday and Wednesday night at my parents, and my mother called this morning to tell us that Beanie had apparently asked grandad whether Father Christmas was real as a boy in his class had told him that he wasn't and that he wouldn't get any presents from Father Christmas! We haven't mentioned anything and I don't want to bring it up because at home now as the day gets closer the excitement is showing. This child is 8 like Beanie and has a younger sister and it amazes me that they don't believe and that their parents tell them the truth and take all the magic away! I know I wrote yesterday saying I would like him to believe for a little longer, as when they don't believe it will be so different and we need him to play along for the sake of the other two!

The boy who told Beanie this is the naughtiest boy in the class and if Beanie does question it I will tell him that maybe his parents told him that as they knew he would be on the naughty list and it was easier to say he wasn't real than to explain why he wouldn't be getting any presents!! It is such a difficult dilemma to address and I know deep down Beanie does still believe and that he won't even question it.

I just hope we get our visit from Father Christmas after all!

Thursday, 22 December 2011


December is the one month I struggle with.

I both love December and despise it!

I love Christmas, the preparation. Putting the decorations up with the boys and this year Monkey has really got into it. The decorations have been rearranged after the boys have gone to bed, as it would now seem happens in many households. The tree looks fab, though I am beginning to doubt whether there will be any needles on it on Sunday! I love Christmas time, the songs, being with my family and the time off work but.....

I also hate this month. It is by far the most stressful month of the year. Nine days before Christmas is Beanie's birthday. This year he was 8! Where did those eight years go? We held his party at home. 15 seven and eight year olds in my house! They were good but the whole process just gets to me. There I am being my organised self with christmas presents bought and then he gets given it for his birthday. I hate the fact that he was born just before Christmas when he should have arrived in the February. Yesterday I returned £35 worth of duplicate presents!

I also hate the fact that yet again I will be alone on Christmas morning with the boys. Moors-daddy is scheduled to work again this Christmas. He is on early turn weekend, 7-5 Saturday through till Tuesday! Though on the bank holidays his shift is reduced by two hours so he will finish at 3pm. But he still misses the important bit and I am left to take 3 boys for a dog walk when they want to open and play with presents! I hope that moors-daddy will get one Christmas off before Beanie stops believing and I think we may only have another couple of years!

I knew I wouldn't blog much this month, I just haven't had the time. I still have so much left to do. People will be popping in on Christmas day and the in laws will be here for a very late christmas dinner, but part of me just wishes it was over already. I wanted to post a Christmas linky but I am struggling to find the time to sit down and work out how to. I know I have to blog more in the new year and I want to set myself a challenge but at the moment I am not quite sure what! Though I have a few ideas!

There are also a few changes a foot, but I will blog about them nearer the time. So if I don't get on here again before Sunday. To all my followers and readers have a lovely christmas and I hope Santa brings you everything you and your children wish for! Merry Christmas xx

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Saturday is Caption Day!

Okay, so I've been away from #satcap for a while but here's another from Monkey's first nativity. As you can see not overly impressed by it all, so just add your caption.....

And then when you are done pop on over to Mammasaurus!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Our Dog Walking Adventure!

So you know where I live.... I mean on the moors, but every now and again, I get the privilege (if you can call it that!) of being home alone with the boys. On these days when moors-daddy is at work we have no other choice than to walk the dog, come rain or shine.

Okay so where we live is lovely but the logistics of getting three boys up on the moors takes it time.

Beanie is fine and has never been a problem. Since the age of 18 months he has freely walked the mile long loop that we go on. Monkey has never been a walker and so last weekend, I made my decision that he should now be walking the whole way. So I ditched the double buggy and got out my trusty Jane Powertrack. Monkey's first thoughts when he saw it were "me go in there", to which my response was "no, your are a big boy and you're going to walk and Worm is going in there". Expecting tears I carried on dressing them for winter.

We set off. Beanie and I always used to have adventures when he was little so we played along for Monkeys sake.

So where do we go?

We start by walking along the track that follows the wall of the bottom end of the moors. In the corner where two walls meet, there is a huge pile of leaves that Beanie used to jump in when he was little. We walked over there but the pile had yet to materialise, so the boys just threw what they could at each other!

They posed for a picture, Beanie with a couple of leaves stuck to his hat!

and Worm oblivious to it all!

From the 'leaf pile' we walk up through 'the trees', a small area with about a dozen or so trees in it, which the boys like to play hide and seek amongst ...

Monkey as you can see is not very good at hide and seek, but does like to shout "Boo" when you find him.

At the top of 'the trees' is a big oak, perfect for walking around.

Amongst the trees we inevitably find sticks to pick up that become, walking sticks, light sabers or guns!

From here we continue to follow the wall up to 'the slopes', this is perfect for running up and down. The slopes are quite steep and can be tricky if too wet, and after a really heavy rainfall, wellies are essential. We can spend 5-10 minutes here, running around.

And then, from 'the slopes' we go over the top and start our decent. They boys like to go through the tracks that lead through the gorse. There are loads of pony and sheep tracks that they can follow and they love a bit of independence.

Then it's down hill. The boys and dog run on ahead and we meet up at our stones.

Originally the base of a bench, there are now just three granite stones. When Beanie was little it was one for him, one for me and one for moors-daddy. As you can see now, moors-daddy and I have been relegated to standing!

From here, we continue back around through the very muddy bit back to our gate. It took us about 40 minutes to walk, but Monkey walked the whole way and on Saturday only asked once if he could go in the pram. On Sunday we repeated it and he didn't bother asking. If he can do that, there's no excuse. We just need to make every walk an adventure!