Saturday, 10 December 2011

Saturday is Caption Day!

Okay, so I've been away from #satcap for a while but here's another from Monkey's first nativity. As you can see not overly impressed by it all, so just add your caption.....

And then when you are done pop on over to Mammasaurus!


  1. It had been quite a trek to reach the star and the shepherd didn't think he was up to visiting anymore

  2. shepherd new his wife would be p**sed off as he'd nicked the only clean tea towel

  3. Ah so that's what happened to my tea towels...

  4. Wotcha. Planning a rebellion this week of Sat Cap. Trying to get as many people as possible to post a picture of the great mamasaurus herself with the title Saturday Is Mammasaurus Day. #madcap

    Have a few photos left if you need one. You can still use a normal photo as well.

    Ps she doesn't know so shhhhhh!

    Viva la revolution!