Wednesday, 28 December 2011

What I got for Christmas...

Well it's over. The festivities that is. Stress central. I am so glad it's all over yet I still have a mountain of boys toys to sort and clear from the lounge.
The day itself was exhausting. Moors-daddy left for work at half six. Beanie was up about a minute later. The other two woke at just after seven, by which time I had showered and dressed.
The oldest two knew they wouldn't be opening their presents straight away. We would try and wait until daddy popped home!
They were fab. They were allowed to open their stockings and then their sacks from Santa. They took their time, unwrapping and examining everything carefully. Beanie took his up to his room after opening so that "Worm wouldn't wreck it!".
Nanna and Grandad came out with more presents, and then daddy came home. He managed to stay for about an hour. In this time Granny and Grandad also arrived and Nanna and Grandad left. It was chaos of coming and going. Daddy's day at work was the busiest he had had in a long time and we didn't see him again. He was late home, but the boys still had presents to open when he arrived so they had done well. Granny and Grandad and moors-daddy's brother all stayed for Christmas dinner and into the evening. Moors-daddy and I opened most of our presnts in the evening. I knew what I was getting from most people. Moors-daddy got me a BlackBerry playbook, not the Kindle I wanted but so much better. His reasoning, "you can only read on a Kindle, you can blog on a playbook!" I love it. And its mine. No boys asking to play angry birds!! My parents bought me a digital camera, again something I needed. I have relied on my phone but needed something a bit better. Its not the DSLR I dream of but a handy compact that I can take everywhere. Other than that it was clothes, perfume, the normal stuff. So hopefully I will now have the ability to blog more and to photograph more, well that's the intention!

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