Friday, 23 December 2011

When do they stop believing?

I have always assumed that Beanie will believe in Father Christmas for a couple more years, and for the first time this year I saw a tiny bit of doubt in his eyes.

This year we sent both Beanie and Monkey video messages from Father Christmas from the Portable North Pole (well worth it and fantastic video messages!) And it was during their watching of this that I saw that first bit of doubt. Nothing was said or mentioned but I knew it was there.

Beanie spent Tuesday and Wednesday night at my parents, and my mother called this morning to tell us that Beanie had apparently asked grandad whether Father Christmas was real as a boy in his class had told him that he wasn't and that he wouldn't get any presents from Father Christmas! We haven't mentioned anything and I don't want to bring it up because at home now as the day gets closer the excitement is showing. This child is 8 like Beanie and has a younger sister and it amazes me that they don't believe and that their parents tell them the truth and take all the magic away! I know I wrote yesterday saying I would like him to believe for a little longer, as when they don't believe it will be so different and we need him to play along for the sake of the other two!

The boy who told Beanie this is the naughtiest boy in the class and if Beanie does question it I will tell him that maybe his parents told him that as they knew he would be on the naughty list and it was easier to say he wasn't real than to explain why he wouldn't be getting any presents!! It is such a difficult dilemma to address and I know deep down Beanie does still believe and that he won't even question it.

I just hope we get our visit from Father Christmas after all!

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