Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A month in.... (31 days!)

Well that's my first month down then.

31 days of blogging.

31 days of posting....something.

I feel like I have achieved something, that my challenge has been completed, well the first part anyway.

I am actually quite proud of myself.

I honestly didn't think I would be able to do a whole month, every day, but I have !

So where do I go from here?

What will February have to offer?

I am going to set myself another challenge. This time, for two weeks until the 14th (Valentines Day), I will post mainly pictures (but I may throw in something else!) which mean something to me, things I love. Some may be obvious (the boys) but others will have different meanings and reasoning behind them.

And then I am going to try and add a linky on Valentines day for you to share your five great loves!

They can be anything you want.

So come back tomorrow to see my first "I LOVE" post.  

Monday, 30 January 2012

iPod Shuffle

Seasider in the City started this one off and I was tagged by Sarah from www.thevoiceofsarahmiles.com

The idea is you put your iPod onto shuffle and see what the first five songs are, and what it says about you!!

1. Orange Coloured Sky by Micheael Bublé

2. This by Ed Sheeran.

3. Frosty the Snowman by Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 (eek!)

4. Peace by Norah Jones.
5. Rolling in the Deep by Adele.

So what does that say about me then?

I will admit that my iTunes crashed before Christmas and I have only put a few albums back on my iPod at the moment, compared to the 3500 songs that were on it, but that will take me a while to get it all back on.

so join in....

I am tagging

Chloe at 20somethingmum
Jess at Splashes and Dashes of Yellow
Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy

sorry if you've already been tagged!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Saturday is Caption Day

It's Saturday again already, 
so that means one thing - 
Saturday is Caption Day.
Just leave your caption for the 
picture above in the comments 
box below and then go on 
over to Mammasaurus to check out the others!

Friday, 27 January 2012

The Gallery - Photo Resolutions

I have already mentioned that I have wanted to take more pictures this year. So much so, that I asked for a compact digital camera for Christmas. My parents obliged with a lovely little Olympus compact, with 12mp and it is so tiny. It is perfect to stay in my handbag, to capture that moment whenever it should arise.

But secretly I have been wanting, lusting after a digital SLR. My father-in-law has a lovely Canon one (I can't remember which one) but at every opportunity I get, I am in control of it, snapping away. The problem I have with his, is the weight of it, it's just too heavy for me to use for long periods. So I have been wanting a smaller, lighter one for ages (and I mean years - but we just haven't been able to afford it).

Then yesterday we saw an offer online that seemed too good to be true. And they offered interest free credit. So moors-daddy ordered it and when I returned from work today, there it was sitting on my dining room table. A beautiful Canon 500D with twin lens. Oh yeah!!!

So my resolution for my photos, is to get out there and take more, a lot more so I can bore you with them share them with you!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

How many cats?

Just a picture today, but can you tell me how many cats there are in this picture?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Haircuts in our house are a rarity.

I haven't had mine cut since last april. It is normally cut in a short, jaw length bob, but at the age of nearly 35, I decided that if I wanted to grow it long, I needed to do it now, before it looked silly, or me old!

The boys are a different story all together.

Beanie regularly has his hair cut at the barbers in town. He has always like going, and enjoys the time in the chair!

The other two, are as different as you can imagine. Worm has had his hair cut once, by mummy when he was in the bath. I cut his mullett off and that was that.

Monkey is very different. He has been taken to the barbers, the hairdresser, and we have even had people come to the house. All resulting in the same thing.

Tears, tantrums, screaming and the hair remaining the same length or maybe with at least a few bits hacked away before the screams got too loud!

I have no idea why he doesn't like it, but he just doesn't.

Everyone has tried, Nanny, Granny but to no avail.

Today Granny had booked both Monkey and Worm in at her hairdressers. Grandad had gone along too to pin them down for support.

And when I returned home from work, I was expecting to see Monkey's long hair still in his eyes, but no, they had managed it. Both boys now have very short hair, and they look so different, so grown up! (We also had a new truck and kinder eggs!) But Granny has done it - and booked them in again for six weeks time!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dartmoor - a wild haven!

Today I had the Tuesday pleasure of being on my own whilst I walked the dog. (All boys at school!)

My intention was to get out there on the moor and take some pictures of the beautiful views that we have from the top of the down.

The dog and I left amidst a sky of grey.

By the time we had got up to the top of the down it was raining, thick drizzly rain and so the view was some what, blurred with mist and rain.

At the top of our down is this little hut, it is known locally as 'The Pimple'. It sits on a mound that covers a small underground reservoir.  From here, the views on a clear day are fantastic!

At this point the rain got heavier, and we had to turn around and go back.

Looking back over town, you can see the rain drops on the lens. The sky now, completely grey and the rain getting harder and harder.

We headed back home, wishing I could have taken some nice pictures of the moor, but we just haven't had the weather lately and I don't think it is going to change soon.
By the time I got home, I was soaked and the dog....
Why are Labradors, so attracted to water? He had paddled in a big pool, and rolled in the mud!!
Oh, and Worm......yes, more tears!!

Monday, 23 January 2012

At last....

Some things in life take time.
Some things take a really long time.
and then they just..... click.

Worm has taken forever to even think about walking.

He had no need to do it, when he has two big brothers who jump to his beck and call.

He didn't crawl until he was gone 14 months. Both the others walked at 15 months, but we shouldn't compare, should we?

All l know is that Worm weighs a ton. Not literally obviously, but he feels like such a dead weight and then when I put him down, I frequently forget that he can't stand/walk.

He just can't be bothered!

It has been noticeable that his standing in the last week has become steadier.

The little look of delight, as he lets go and stays up on his feet!

Today his confidence has grown a little more and he has shuffled three tiny steps.
And not once but twice.

And about bloody time too!

He still likes crawling at the speed of light
but he has at last found his feet.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Serious Stuff!

Sometimes I am aware I blog about nonsense.

Like Monkey's swimming Monkey.

But sometimes I need to be serious.

Today was quite a manic day.

The boys are all full of colds and snot, and so the little two both had a lie in this morning. If Beanie ever has a lie in I will probably die of shock. He is still a very early riser and this I expect will continue until he becomes a teenager!

We had intentions of going to church, but could very easily had a lie in ourselves, but we made ourselves get up and going.

We were at church for it's 10am start.

The little two were both overcome by emotion during the service. It amazes me that every time we go to church, something gets to them both. Worm's face changed as soon as we sat down and the tears started. Monkey started during the first hymn. It's strange, weird and a little baffling.

Does God move in mysterious ways?

After church, we went to my in laws for dinner. The boys love going to granny and grandads. Beanie especially as all daddy's old board games come out and G and G are happy to play.

Whilst we were there, we decided to leave the boys and go and visit my nan. The boys great grandmother. They call her GG! She is currently in hospital. The boys couldn't go and see her as she is quite poorly and they are full of snot, so just moors-daddy and I went.

She was taken in on Tuesday, but has been ill for a long time. Though you wouldn't necessarily think that to look at her. She is 85, still quite with it, but going deaf, so shouts a lot!!

She got cancer in 2003, and has been up and down since. Most of the time she is up! She still gets out and about on her own, meets up with friends and frequently goes down town for lunch. Last year she fell up her garden steps and fractured her hip, she was housebound for some time, but eventually got herself back up and about.

Last week she stumbled in town, but got herself home, but spent the next two days in bed, when my parents visited her on Sunday, she had a rash all over her chest and arms. My mum took her to the doctors and she was taken straight in to the hospital. She is on antibiotics now, and was her normal cheery self today. My mum was also there, constantly telling nan not to shout. She has too, or else she can't hear what she is saying.

She is still waiting for her test results and a diagnosis, which she should get tomorrow. We know that at some point, she will get a lot worse, and that her condition will get the better of her, but at the moment she is refusing to pay to watch tv in there and can't wait to get out so she can see the boys! (Oh and she hasn't had any chocolate since she has been in there, so is desperate to get home!!)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Saturday is Caption Day!

Just add your caption to the picture below and the pop on over to Mammasaurus and check out all the others!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Double Trouble!

I have tried not to use my Out 'n' About Nipper double pushchair lately.

Monkey has been walking a lot more with no problems and very little moaning.

But his three days at nursery are obviously tiring him out.

So yesterday, when we had to take the dog for his walk, Monkey insisted that we took the 'big pram'.

I would much rather he walked, but getting him ready to go, he had got his dummy, his Taggie's and his milk, a sure sign that sleep would not be far off. So I reluctantly got out the double.  It hasn't been used for so long that it had the beginning of mould on the hood, from sitting in the garage. A quick wipe over and it was ready.

I put them both in.

I do love to see them side by side. I never wanted one of the ones where one sits in front of the other one, I always felt sorry for the child at the back. Both mine can see out and they can  talk to each other, hold hands or fight!

I quickly realised and remembered why I prefer Monkey to walk.  The walk up to the moors is just that, up! It is amazing how heavy two boys are. The moor was very wet and slippery and I felt the pram slide a couple of times, but we managed a longish walk.

As we headed back the heavens opened, and I didn't have the rain cover.

I thought there would be tears, but both of them loved it and we arrived home rather wet. Worm's hair stuck to his face, and Monkey's Taggie a bit damp!

As much as I love this pram (my ebay buy!) I much prefer my trusty Jane Powertrack, and it is so much easier when Monkey walks. The next step of course is to get Worm walking but he is still determined to crawl everywhere at 19 months, it will happen one day, and then it will be two small pairs of wellies and no pram at all!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Monkey's Swimming Monkey!

Today Beanie had his weekly tennis and swimming lessons.
 One after the other. 
The little two have no choice but to tag along. 
Today Monkey took his monkey 'Mo' with him.

 Mo wanted to swim too and was all ready to go! 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Gallery - Eyes


There is something very special about eyes.
and Tara over at Stickyfingers1 has decided that this week this would be the topic for 
The Gallery.

All three of the boys have been born with the most amazing, dark blue eyes.
I have never seen eyes like it before.
All a deep denim blue.
However as they have grown they have lighten.

Eyes tell you so much,
they say how they are feeling, without the need for words.
They make you laugh,
they make you cry.
They sparkle and twinkle.

So here are the eyes of two of the boys, wide and bright and both very blue, with a touch of red!!

And then there is this special little boy.
This is our cat, Albert.
He was born with a  Microphthalmia, his right eye didn't develop when he was inside his mum.
He is a beautiful cat, with just one eye. 
There is a tiny pupil, and I mean tiny, but he has no sight in it.
So his eyes make him very special.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Worm's second nursery session.

Last night I made up three packed lunches for the second time....

along with packing the swimming kit and getting the violin for Beanie, and packing two bags of clothes for the little two.
I was organised and had it all waiting by the front door, ready to go.

We got up and ready, and actually left for school a little early this morning.

Seven items (bags/violin) loaded into the car, and three kids!

We dropped Beanie off, no problem.
Monkey, found his tag, hung up his bag and coat and took his lunch to the kitchen. I had to sign his EYF forms and when I turned around he was gone!

Worm, was fine, I took him down to his room, he was gabbling away. I took off his coat and signed him in. I then went to hand him over to his key worker and it started.

He looked at me, with his bottom lip trembling, and then the tears came!

Again I left.

When I returned, he was sobbing.

I had quite a long chat with his key worker. He had been good and had only started to cry when he had seen me coming down the steps. He had interacted with the other children, had played and had sat to the table for lunch, but had not eaten anything. He had slept for half an hour.

His key worker had called him Beanie twice!! She apologised, I laughed. They are so alike and she did have Beanie for a long time even if it was at least six years ago. She said, and I know it will take him a while to get use to it, I am just glad there was an improvement, even if it was only small.

Monday, 16 January 2012

The Potty Diaries.

An update on Monkey's potty training.

He has now been in pants, during the day since the 28th December. Yes we have had a few accidents, but nowhere near as many as I thought we would.

He has made great progress.

We started by putting him on the potty every hour and a half, and to be honest he usually mananged at least a dribble of wee.

We had a couple of pairs of wet trousers, where he had been busy playing and had just done it, and then told us that he was cold!

But nearly everytime he has been sat on the potty, he has managed to do something.

At nursery he has been great and he has only had two accidents. Last friday he was apparently holding himself and was asked if he needed to go. His reply "no, me fine", at which point a puddle appeared on the floor. (Just put him on the toilet!).

Pooping has been a bit different, we have had a couple of major accidents, though again the learning process has been quick.

We have had a couple of, strip him naked and wash him episodes and a couple of ....
"me done pooh"
"there" pointing to the floor.
Bless him, his 12-18 month pants, gaping around his legs!

In the last couple of days, he has been holding himself a lot more. He has started coming to us clutching his bits, we rush to the potty and he wees immediately. He has also once shouted "I need a wee", only for me to get to him too late.

Tonight after a day at nursery, he was shattered. He wanted to go to bed, so I put his pyjamas on and his pyjama pants (pull ups- now too big for nappies!) and he fell asleep on the sofa. After about 45 minutes he woke, and within ten minutes had 'asked' to go for a wee. Pull ups came down and he sat on the potty and wee'd. Ten minutes later, he comes out to me again, holding himself, and we sit him back on the potty for him to do a pooh.

I know we are a long way off night time, but he has made such good progress. I am one very proud mummy.

My advice, always wait until they are ready, and maybe a little bit after. Both Beanie and Monkey have trained really quickly and Beanie has never wet the bed. I know a few people who trained their boys at 18 months and now at 9 they still wet the bed occasionally. They will let you know when they are ready, so just let them do it in their own time.

Having said that, Worm is fascinated by the potty and yesterday after stripping him off to change him, he did his normal thing of crawling off but climbed onto the potty! If only he realised what it was really for!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Lost Boy.

Today was my mum's birthday. We had arranged for my parents and my brother, his wife and two boys to come out this afternoon, to go for a walk on the moors, and then have dinner with us.

My parents arrived first, and whilst we were getting the boys ready, my brother arrived. We set off up onto the moors. The boys wrapped up well, as the wind today was both strong and bitterly cold. Hats, scarves and gloves worn by all, though Worm's didn't stay on for long!

As we walked through the gate that leads to the moor, the boys and the dogs ran on ahead. They headed off to the swinging tree and started to climb.

As the adults caught up, I noticed a child walking towards us, with no adults in sight. As he got closer I recognised him as a friend of Beanie's, (Hamster) a boy who he had gone to nursery and school with, but who had left at the end of year one. His parents had wanted to move into Plymouth, had changed the children's schools but two years later their house remains unsold. We know him well, and Beanie and he spoke before he carried on and Beanie caught back up with us. I knew his parents wouldn't be far away, and Beanie said he was playing and that he had been running up and back. I thought nothing more of it.

As we continued up the hill, I could hear shouting, and quickly realised it was Hamster's parents calling him. I walked up to his mum and told them that we had seen him back towards our gate. She shouted to her eldest son who walked off towards his dad and they all started walking down the hill looking for Hamster.

We continued our walk to the top of the hill. We reached the top, and turned around quickly, the cold wind just too cold to stay and admire the view.

As we started back, Hamster's dad was coming towards us. With no Hamster. They had looked everywhere. We told them we would walk back the long way round looking for him.
Me and my three went one way, my parents and brother another, shouting for Hamster.
When we met back at our gate, I gave my three to my parents to take home, and me and the dog walked the moor again. By this time everyone on the down was looking for him, and daylight was fading. As I walked back, I could hear Hamster's brothers shouting for him. I met them half way and told them I could hear them from the other side of the down. If Hamster was there he would have heard us. I walked the loop again.
His parents had waited at the top of the down, in the hope that he would realise he had to go back that way, unless he had gone through a gate and walked home. Would he do that at the age of 8, having to cross the main road? We thought not.
When I reached the top of the moor I could not see his parents. The light was fading fast and by the time I had got back to the gate I was struggling to see.
I had to go home.
I would phone his parents to see if he had turned up.
As I walked down our street a car pulled up outside of my house.
His dad and brothers in the car.
And yes this eight year old, playing hide and seek with his two brothers and sister, had indeed, walked home. Not across the moor, but through the town. He had walked down one of the roads/lanes and crossed a very dangerous main road at the bottom, before walking nearly a mile along that main road to his house.
I am so glad he was safe, but cannot imagine Beanie wandering off like that and just going home. For Beanie it would be easy we live a 30 second walk from the moor, but it does scare me at how street wise some 8 year olds are, and how scared Beanie would be if anything like that happened to him. He would panic, I know he would.
For Hamster, it would seem, it was just another walk!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Wash day blues!

As much as I love winter, there is one thing that I really hate.

I love the cold, crisp mornings.
Walking the dog on the moors, the frost crunching underfoot.
Coming back to a very warm lounge, wood burner lit.
I love the dark evenings, being cosy and warm inside.

But the one thing I hate is washing.
Firstly we seem to have a never ending mountain of it.
Especially at the moment with Monkey potty training.
And it would seem that in the last few weeks, 
I have realised that I have more washing than I do airers and space on radiators, 
to dry it!

It seems to be everywhere.
You walk in the front door and there in front of you,
is a radiator covered in underwear and socks.
The dining room is full, on airers and on the fire guard.
And I hate it.
I hate the fact that if people come around they will just see washing every where.
I don't invite people around!

I am someone who would quite happily have the tumble dryer on all the time if,
- it worked properly and
-if it didn't cost so much!
Just to get rid of it from inside the house.

Another reason, then that I love the cold, crisp, sunny days.
Is that I can but try to dry the washing outside.
Today the sun has shone, 
for a little while and so I endeavoured to get the big stuff out on the line.
It wasn't out there for long,
and when I brought it back in it was just as wet.
But the sight of washing on the line,
brings a little smile!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Giant Fire Engines! (Melissa and Doug)

I thought I would share this with you. It was one of Monkey's Christmas presents from Father Christmas and it is great. I would recommend this to any fire engine obsessed child, like Monkey.

Father Christmas purchased this from The Wooden Toy Shop and it is the Melissa and Doug Giant Fire Engine Jigsaw puzzle. It is made from very large pieces of thick reinforced card that seem pretty indestructable. The pieces are very irregular and monkey did require a bit of help to put it together.

And when they say giant, they mean giant. In length, it is over a metre long as you can see from the picture below.

(I apologise for the photo, I have tried everything to rotate it and I can't do it!!)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Gallery - Phone Photos

I have not joined in with The Gallery from Tara Cain @ stickyfingers1 for quite a while, but it is one that I do enjoy taking part with, and is one of the ones that I really must try harder to complete every week. I enjoy trying to take new pictures, and now that I have my new camera, I was raring to go with the first one for 2012.

There I am eagerly awaiting for the topic, new camera, all ready to go, and then she hits me!

Phone photos, my camera goes back in my bag!

I love having my camera on my phone, because it means I always have it to capture those moments, but it is fair to say that nearly all my pictures have been taken on my phone, so I wanted to post something a bit different. All my phone photos are of the boys, the moors and stuff you have seen already.

Then I remembered my old phone and I wondered what was on that, if anything. I turned it on and realised it had been wiped, but hold on there were pictures. Nearly 200 of them. As I browsed through them, I realised that this is what I love about phones, the fact that children seem to be able to work them out in an instant and that even without you knowing, they can be off in their own world snapping hundreds of blurred pictures of totally random things. There are pictures of the animals, at least bits of them, pictures of every room in the house, or at least bits of them and bits of children too.

So the picture I am posting is this....it is in (kind of!) focus and was taken by Monkey!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Thank God for the sales!

Sometimes I wonder if there is a girlie bone in my body.

You see, I have  always been a bit of a tomboy.

And as I have got older, I have tried to get more girlie, so as to not be totally swamped by the boys in the house.

I have added girlie touches to the house, nothing huge but so that you can tell a girl lives here!

I am still not a shopper, I have very few pairs of shoes, I don't own hair straighteners, and to be fair I never really use a hairdryer, my makeup collection is limited.

But I do like bags.

I don't have copious amounts, but a few.

But there is one I have lusted after for a while.

The problem, I have not wanted to pay full price - how could anyone spend that amount of money on a bag?

So a year ago I started saving.

All my car share money that goes in my pink pot, was being saved for this bag and a few other things (girlie things!)

So imagine my delight when I went online to the Orla Kiely website and saw that bags were up to 50% off.

My heart skipped a beat.

I ordered it there and then, and it arrived a few days later!

It's lovely, and it is so roomy. I took it out last week, with nappies, wipes, a bottle, my purse, camera, phone and playbook in!

Oh and I paid for it on credit card so my pink pot is untouched!!!!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

In groups of 3!

Well today is the day.
The day the boys all went to school.
My first morning without them at home.

We are used to having the mad rush of getting ready in the morning.
But today was different.
Today they all had to be ready, fully dressed and raring to go.
Today, there was 3.
Three pairs of shoes, waiting to be put on.
Lined up on the stairs.
Okay so that's no different than any other day, but there was also, a violin, a swimming kit, and three school bags and three lunch bags.
For my three school boys.

Beanie and Monkey go to school fine.
Though today Beanie was a little apprehensive about going swimming.
I don't know why, because he is a fantastic little swimmer.
Monkey, is so confident, that as soon as we get there he is off and gone, playing with his friends.
Not even a goodbye for his mummy!

Worm, I knew wouldn't like it.
I know it will take him a while to get used to it.
I was right.
The tears came as soon as I started to remove his coat.
I left.

On my return, he was cuddling his key worker, still crying.
I wondered if he had cried for the whole four hours (guilty mummy feeling).
But was informed that he had had some 'happy moments'!

I guess he will be more like Beanie, who cried nearly everytime we left him at nursery.
But who never batted an eyelid when starting big school.

So until next week.
When I do the three lunches again.
And when no doubt, there will be more tears!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Tomorrow - new beginnings!

I don't know how I feel about tomorrow, really.

It's a strange feeling.

Knowing that my baby, is no longer a baby.

That he will start the whole process, that is his education.

Tomorrow, Worm starts nursery.

And that is it, every week, every Tuesday morning, term time.

The start of his school life.

And mummy, well she gets four hours to herself. Four precious hours.

The first time in three and a half years that she gets time to herself to do.......


And I really don't know what I will do with those four hours!

.......Enjoy them!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Toilet training a Monkey!

Well, this Christmas holiday we decided that we had to just go for it.

Monkey has been ready to use the potty for some time, but is very uninterested in it.

During the summer, he would happily go for hours on the beach without wetting his trunks, and as soon as you mention, "Monkey, you haven't had a wee for a while", he would scurry off to a rock pool, and stand, legs wide apart and wee in the pool. So we knew he had control over what he was doing. The fact that he had shown no interest in using the potty has meant that I haven't pushed him, but now at 3 and a bit, it was time he wore pants, and to be fair nappies cost a bomb when you have two in them!

So last week, we took the jump.

I have had trouble finding pants to fit him. Our Monkey is still tiny and is wearing 12-18 month pants. Mothercare, I found do them that small, as do Asda, and Mothercare, (thank you so much!) do Fireman Sam ones so we were very happy.

He has worn his pants now for just over a week. We sit him on the potty every hour and a half - two hours, and he sit there and does a wee and sometimes " a huge poop". We have had a handful of accidents, but no where near as many as I thought we would. He doesn't ask to go but I guess that will come soon, he does give us clues. He says he is cold if it is too late and he is wet! And that his bum hurts, a sure sign a poop is on its way - potty quick!!

Yesterday, he started his first full day at nursery, thanks to his early years funding, and so I left for work, leaving Nanna with instructions. He went to nursery with a number of sets of clean clothes, trousers, pants and socks! Moors-daddy picked him up to find them all still in the bag and that he had been a very big boy all day and had had no accidents and had even taken himself to the toilet in the afternoon.

So I think we can say that nappies during the day, at least, are now a thing of the past.

Roll on the day when Worm is also in pants!

Friday, 6 January 2012


I came home from work on Wednesday, my first day back at work for the new term, to find these.

Moors-daddy had been out and bought me flowers, and not just any flowers,
Tulips, my favourite.

Lucky me!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

12th Night

So that's it then, Christmas is now officially over. 12th night, the evening when the decorations come down.  When I was growing up it was tradition that they were taken down on the 12th night. Every year, without fail, we would gather to remove all evidence of the festive season. How my mother coped having the tree around that long I will never know. I guess the fact that we pretty much always had a fake tree helped.
Here at the 'moors' house we have a real tree every year. We had our loft converted two years ago and now have very little storage space for things like Christmas trees. So every year, moors-daddy is sent off to purchase a real tree.
This years was a particularly good tree.
It did look very nice.
However, by the end of Christmas day I was thinking about taking it down. 
 By Boxing day, it very nearly went.
However, the good mother that I am, it managed to remain until the 3rd of  January.
The boys and I removed all the decorations, and moors-daddy removed the tree to the front garden.
The problem I find with trees is no matter how careful you are they leave a trail of destruction!
And that trail goes right through the house.

And however much you vacuum, those needles just get everywhere!
The lounge, the hall and the porch were hoovered, so that not one needle could been seen.
Mission accomplished!

And then we go to have dinner and guess what, there are loads of them all over the floor in the dining room!
No matter what, I know Christmas is over, but I will also know that, I will be finding Christmas tree needles for months to come!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Best seat in the house...!

The last couple of days have really seen the weather change down here in Devon.

We have had torrential rain, very strong winds and it has gotten very cold.

I actually quite like this weather. I love being warm, snug and cosy inside when its wild outside.
Though I admit the wind does keep me awake at night, as I lie there waiting for something to blow off the roof!!

I love the fact that we can light the woodburners, and sit in nice and warm.

Though sometimes the warmest place in the house is taken up by a furry member of the family!

If you want the best seat in the house - you will need to move the cat!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year, New me...!

aka - Resolutions and how long will they last!

2012 is finally here,
and what does it mean for us,
for me.

I have a lot of things I want to achieve this year.I want to finally loose the baby weight and get back to what I was before I had the boys. It means loosing a stone, which doesn't sound a lot, but it is the stone that has got the better of me for the past eight years! My weight is consistent, I can eat whatever I want really and it doesn't change. The thing I need to do is exercise, and this has always been a problem when I have the boys all the time. So this year, I finally get some time when all three will be at school /nursery and so exercise here I come!

My second one is about the boys, I want to do more with them. Hopefully soon Worm will start walking and that will make things a bit easier. I feel that Beanie has missed out quite a lot by having the two younger ones, and I know that we should be doing so much more.

Get organised! I have started this one by going through my clothes and throwing them on the bedroom floor - where they currently remain, everything that I don't wear or that doesn't fit is in that pile, including a dress I have had for seventeen years (yes 17!). All of it going to the clothes bin, to make way for more! Getting organised also means sorting through the boys toys, there is so much of it, and I need to be ruthless and get rid of everything that is not played with. A job for a Tuesday morning when they are not here!

My last one is about my blog. I am aware I could do so much more. I had thought about setting myself a challenge, and like others I did think of doing a 365 (6!) but did not want it to be purely photographs, my skills with a camera really aren't up to that just yet. So my resolution is to blog more often, it maybe a picture, it may be words, but I would like to think that I blog every day. I know it won't last, but boy am I going to try!!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Boys will be boys......!

However much I love my boys, they do occasionally annoy me.

I spend a lot of time with them on my own, due to moors-daddy's shifts and during the school holidays I frequently have to take all three out to walk the dog. These simple walks can take a long time, especially if like the last two days, Monkey has not really been willing.

We get onto the moors and the whining starts, and it would seem that when one starts they all start!

So by the end of our walk, they are all stroppy and moors-mummy is too!

But, occasionally, they have magic moments, moments when you forget where they are because they are playing so nicely together. They are rare, but quite magical, when I am reassured that actually these three boys will one day be, quite close as brothers.

Today we had one of those moments, it really didn't last long. (If I am honest all of about twenty seconds), but it was there for a split second!

And I was lucky to have my phone in hand to capture it.

Monkey and Worm playing on the 'Something Special' website on CBeebies. Both big fans of Mr Tumble!