Thursday, 5 January 2012

12th Night

So that's it then, Christmas is now officially over. 12th night, the evening when the decorations come down.  When I was growing up it was tradition that they were taken down on the 12th night. Every year, without fail, we would gather to remove all evidence of the festive season. How my mother coped having the tree around that long I will never know. I guess the fact that we pretty much always had a fake tree helped.
Here at the 'moors' house we have a real tree every year. We had our loft converted two years ago and now have very little storage space for things like Christmas trees. So every year, moors-daddy is sent off to purchase a real tree.
This years was a particularly good tree.
It did look very nice.
However, by the end of Christmas day I was thinking about taking it down. 
 By Boxing day, it very nearly went.
However, the good mother that I am, it managed to remain until the 3rd of  January.
The boys and I removed all the decorations, and moors-daddy removed the tree to the front garden.
The problem I find with trees is no matter how careful you are they leave a trail of destruction!
And that trail goes right through the house.

And however much you vacuum, those needles just get everywhere!
The lounge, the hall and the porch were hoovered, so that not one needle could been seen.
Mission accomplished!

And then we go to have dinner and guess what, there are loads of them all over the floor in the dining room!
No matter what, I know Christmas is over, but I will also know that, I will be finding Christmas tree needles for months to come!

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  1. I know but you can't beat a real tree can you :-) x