Monday, 23 January 2012

At last....

Some things in life take time.
Some things take a really long time.
and then they just..... click.

Worm has taken forever to even think about walking.

He had no need to do it, when he has two big brothers who jump to his beck and call.

He didn't crawl until he was gone 14 months. Both the others walked at 15 months, but we shouldn't compare, should we?

All l know is that Worm weighs a ton. Not literally obviously, but he feels like such a dead weight and then when I put him down, I frequently forget that he can't stand/walk.

He just can't be bothered!

It has been noticeable that his standing in the last week has become steadier.

The little look of delight, as he lets go and stays up on his feet!

Today his confidence has grown a little more and he has shuffled three tiny steps.
And not once but twice.

And about bloody time too!

He still likes crawling at the speed of light
but he has at last found his feet.


  1. Awwww! My eldest was walking at 15 months, my second at nearly 18 months and my youngest 13 months.All babies differ and I know some who taken longer than 18 months.

  2. Aww yay! How exciting! x

  3. Brilliant news though I say 14 months is fast my eldest didn't walk until he was two and a half! he was a bum shuffler!

    1. I know they all do it when they are ready, but boy is he heavy!!! It will just make life a little easier if he is on his feet.