Monday, 2 January 2012

Boys will be boys......!

However much I love my boys, they do occasionally annoy me.

I spend a lot of time with them on my own, due to moors-daddy's shifts and during the school holidays I frequently have to take all three out to walk the dog. These simple walks can take a long time, especially if like the last two days, Monkey has not really been willing.

We get onto the moors and the whining starts, and it would seem that when one starts they all start!

So by the end of our walk, they are all stroppy and moors-mummy is too!

But, occasionally, they have magic moments, moments when you forget where they are because they are playing so nicely together. They are rare, but quite magical, when I am reassured that actually these three boys will one day be, quite close as brothers.

Today we had one of those moments, it really didn't last long. (If I am honest all of about twenty seconds), but it was there for a split second!

And I was lucky to have my phone in hand to capture it.

Monkey and Worm playing on the 'Something Special' website on CBeebies. Both big fans of Mr Tumble!


  1. They do drive you nuts boys but occasionallly they just melt your heart! Make it all worth it too...

  2. Aww,you just gotta love boys x