Friday, 20 January 2012

Double Trouble!

I have tried not to use my Out 'n' About Nipper double pushchair lately.

Monkey has been walking a lot more with no problems and very little moaning.

But his three days at nursery are obviously tiring him out.

So yesterday, when we had to take the dog for his walk, Monkey insisted that we took the 'big pram'.

I would much rather he walked, but getting him ready to go, he had got his dummy, his Taggie's and his milk, a sure sign that sleep would not be far off. So I reluctantly got out the double.  It hasn't been used for so long that it had the beginning of mould on the hood, from sitting in the garage. A quick wipe over and it was ready.

I put them both in.

I do love to see them side by side. I never wanted one of the ones where one sits in front of the other one, I always felt sorry for the child at the back. Both mine can see out and they can  talk to each other, hold hands or fight!

I quickly realised and remembered why I prefer Monkey to walk.  The walk up to the moors is just that, up! It is amazing how heavy two boys are. The moor was very wet and slippery and I felt the pram slide a couple of times, but we managed a longish walk.

As we headed back the heavens opened, and I didn't have the rain cover.

I thought there would be tears, but both of them loved it and we arrived home rather wet. Worm's hair stuck to his face, and Monkey's Taggie a bit damp!

As much as I love this pram (my ebay buy!) I much prefer my trusty Jane Powertrack, and it is so much easier when Monkey walks. The next step of course is to get Worm walking but he is still determined to crawl everywhere at 19 months, it will happen one day, and then it will be two small pairs of wellies and no pram at all!


  1. Lovely, I used to march my triplets on Bodmin moor in a side by side too. Eventually it fell apart but OH welded a bike seat on the front of an old side by side double buggy that lasted us till they could walk, but there was always a fight for the front seat!

    1. I can't imagine having triplets, as well as your other three! It's bad enough with these two. Love the idea of them fighting over their front seat - bet you OH was pleased with himself for coming up with that idea. I am picturing it now,I bet it was great fun though really!! x