Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Gallery - Eyes


There is something very special about eyes.
and Tara over at Stickyfingers1 has decided that this week this would be the topic for 
The Gallery.

All three of the boys have been born with the most amazing, dark blue eyes.
I have never seen eyes like it before.
All a deep denim blue.
However as they have grown they have lighten.

Eyes tell you so much,
they say how they are feeling, without the need for words.
They make you laugh,
they make you cry.
They sparkle and twinkle.

So here are the eyes of two of the boys, wide and bright and both very blue, with a touch of red!!

And then there is this special little boy.
This is our cat, Albert.
He was born with a  Microphthalmia, his right eye didn't develop when he was inside his mum.
He is a beautiful cat, with just one eye. 
There is a tiny pupil, and I mean tiny, but he has no sight in it.
So his eyes make him very special.


  1. Oh they are amazing blue eyes. Will break a heart or 2 one day!

  2. Albert! So he can't see at all? Glad he's loved and secure.

    1. Bert can see out of his left eye, but has no vision in his right. He had some trouble when he first came to us jumping up and down, but soon realised that it was attention seeking when we discovered him 30ft up a tree, called him and he came running!!

  3. What beautiful blue eyes and poor Albert such a shame