Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Gallery - Phone Photos

I have not joined in with The Gallery from Tara Cain @ stickyfingers1 for quite a while, but it is one that I do enjoy taking part with, and is one of the ones that I really must try harder to complete every week. I enjoy trying to take new pictures, and now that I have my new camera, I was raring to go with the first one for 2012.

There I am eagerly awaiting for the topic, new camera, all ready to go, and then she hits me!

Phone photos, my camera goes back in my bag!

I love having my camera on my phone, because it means I always have it to capture those moments, but it is fair to say that nearly all my pictures have been taken on my phone, so I wanted to post something a bit different. All my phone photos are of the boys, the moors and stuff you have seen already.

Then I remembered my old phone and I wondered what was on that, if anything. I turned it on and realised it had been wiped, but hold on there were pictures. Nearly 200 of them. As I browsed through them, I realised that this is what I love about phones, the fact that children seem to be able to work them out in an instant and that even without you knowing, they can be off in their own world snapping hundreds of blurred pictures of totally random things. There are pictures of the animals, at least bits of them, pictures of every room in the house, or at least bits of them and bits of children too.

So the picture I am posting is is in (kind of!) focus and was taken by Monkey!

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  1. How sweet - I love every pic I've taken with my iPhone. They're not ofen technically great but, as you say, they're special moments I wouldn't otherwise have captured.