Friday, 27 January 2012

The Gallery - Photo Resolutions

I have already mentioned that I have wanted to take more pictures this year. So much so, that I asked for a compact digital camera for Christmas. My parents obliged with a lovely little Olympus compact, with 12mp and it is so tiny. It is perfect to stay in my handbag, to capture that moment whenever it should arise.

But secretly I have been wanting, lusting after a digital SLR. My father-in-law has a lovely Canon one (I can't remember which one) but at every opportunity I get, I am in control of it, snapping away. The problem I have with his, is the weight of it, it's just too heavy for me to use for long periods. So I have been wanting a smaller, lighter one for ages (and I mean years - but we just haven't been able to afford it).

Then yesterday we saw an offer online that seemed too good to be true. And they offered interest free credit. So moors-daddy ordered it and when I returned from work today, there it was sitting on my dining room table. A beautiful Canon 500D with twin lens. Oh yeah!!!

So my resolution for my photos, is to get out there and take more, a lot more so I can bore you with them share them with you!


  1. What a beaut! Can't wait to see lots of pics taken with it!! xx